Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We gots us an election coming

And I got a nice quote from Sideshow Bob (GOP-Springfield) h/t mydd.com
Your guilty conscience may force you to vote Democratic, but deep down inside you secretly long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule you like a king. That's why I did this: to protect you from yourselves. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a city to run.

BDay? Really?

He's been oh so subtle, but I remembered anyway! It's Crow's bday. Yah!

Where's the McSickness?

looks like BMC. Remember to send Floyd a thank you card.

So you want to race NRC?

It hasn't all been smooth sailing at the good ship Axley. Why, as I was cleaning out my bloated inbox I found this blast from the past from local boy/axley homey/hagens-berman studd Chad Nikolz. Oh memories.....

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Smackdown at the Hollywood Corrall

My legs hurt. Why? Well, maybe cause I rode uphill really really hard yesterday. OK, maybe on one really hard. But hard enough to remember what it's like to suffer. The ridings been soft for the last month, due mostly to being sick. I had begun to feel pretty blah and unmotivated. The interesting thing is going hard uphill may hurt, but it feels good too. Hell, I am ready for the season to start. Anyone want to meet me at Ohop next week and race 4 months early? No? Well, Mrs. PDog would probably be annoyyed I was there instead of the delivery room anyway.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Team name change

I am changing the team name to the Axley Home Shopping Network. XXC knows why!

Axley Factory Team Rides

For those who haven't figured it out yet:
ride 9am Zoka Saturday. 8:20 for coffee.
ride 9am Zoka Sunday too! Cause with Mrs. PDog ready to have the PPuppy v2 I ain't drivin' to Ttown.

Peace out.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

PruDog Political Endorsements

I endorse Crow's endorsement of voting no on I-933.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Stache Throws the high heat

Keep in mind he drinks alot. Now go be obnoxious.

Team PR Time

TEAM PR – AxleyUSA.com finalizes for 2007

October 24th, 2006
From Michael Pruitt, Team Manager
Contact - mpruitt@axleyusa.com

AxleyUSA.com / Spoke and Sprocket Cycling Team
Team AxleyUSA.com finalizes for 2007
Seattle, WA, USA (October 24th, 2006) - Team AxleyUSA.com returns in 2007 as an elite multi-sport team consisting of athletes from around Washington State. After several years of success at the local and regional level, the AxleyUSA.com Cycling Team made its NRC debut in 2006. Building on that experience, the team has expanded its 2007 NRC schedule and signed a guest-ride deal with the Priority Health Professional Cycling Team for 5 races. This will provide local talent with the opportunity to experience professional racing inside out consistent with the Team’s mission statement to provide Northwest based riders with the opportunity to experience professional level racing and to use that experience to improve cycling in the Northwest.
With 2 of its riders signing professional contracts for 2007 Team AxleyUSA.com has added 2 young studs and 3 experienced northwest Veterans to the team. Trevor Mays and Lang Reynolds guest rode on the team in 2006 and will be riding full NRC schedules in 2007. Former Nutra-Fig professional Ronnie Schmeer and seasoned vets Ben Kaplan and Alec Duxberry all bring tactical savvy, class and commitment to the table. Meanwhile, AxleyUSA.com returns 7 elite riders from the 2006 roster highlighted by Ronde Ohop and Furnace Creek 508 winner Michael Emde. The team will again display strong chemistry and family atmosphere.

2007 AxleyUSA.com / Spoke and Sprocket Elite Team
Michael Pruitt (Cat 2 / Manager) – Seattle, WA
Eric Kapfhammer (Cat 2 / Assistant Manager) – North Bend, WA
Michael Emde (Cat 1 / Coach) – Spokane, WA
Ronnie Schmeer (Cat 1) – Seattle, WA
Alec Duxbury (Cat 2) – Seattle, WA
Mark Knokey (Cat 2) – Spokane, WA
Trevor Mays (Cat 1) – Boise, ID
Calvin Allen (Cat 1) -- Boise, ID
Steve Anderson (Cat 2) – Seattle, WA
Erik Scheller (Cat 2) – Gig Harbor, WA
Lang Reynolds (Cat 2) – Seattle, WA
Shawn Ongers (Cat 2) – Walla Walla, WA
Ben Kaplan (Cat 2) – Seattle, WA

Team AxleyUSA.com’s competitive focus will again be on NRC Stage Races nationally and the Senior Washington State BARR (Best All-Around Road Rider) and Washington Cup competitions locally. In 2006 the team won the Masters A BARR with Michael Emde as well as the GC at Eugene Celebration with Omer Kem.

The elite team will kick off its NRC season with the Valley of the Sun Stage Race on February 16-18th while the local season opens with the Omloop Ohop Circuit Race on February 24th.

Team AxleyUSA.com is operated by PruSports LLC, sponsored by AxleyUSA.com and co-sponsored by the Spoke & Sprocket bicycle shop. AxleyUSA.com, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Axley Eyewear enters its 2nd year as title sponsor. The Team would like to welcome Bon Appetit food management services.
For more information on the team email Michael Pruitt at mpruitt@axleyusa.com.

AxleyUSA.com 2007 Sponsors
Axley Eyewear / www.AxleyUSA.com
Spoke & Sprocket / www.spokeandsprocket.com
Bon Appetit Management Company / www.bamco.com
Ritchey Logic / www.ritcheylogic.com
Torelli / www.torelli.com
Sinclair Imports / www.sinclairimports.com
Emde Coaching / www.emdesports.com
Voler Team Apparel/ www.voler.com
CrankBrothers / www.crankbrothers.com
Tufo North America / www.tufonorthamerica.com

Monday, October 23, 2006

Paging Steve

Due to unexpectedly high ego, Steve appears to have grown bored of posting.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

High Call Volume

Legal question. Since most big companies seem to permanantly "experience unexpectedly high call volume" that effectively makes it impossible to contact them with a problem wouldn't this qualify as fraud in some cases? Specifically I am thinking of airlines, cell phone and credit card companies that require you call specific numbers to report problems. I've had this problem with Sprint, TMobile, Northwest Airlines and Paypal. I can't be the only one.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dept of Lazy Reporting

Matt found this at the NYTimes. My favorite articel along these lines is the annual "drinking in college" report. You know, the one that finds college kids drink lots of alcohol! Oh my God! Who knew. Cause, no one ever drank in college before. Ever.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Stoked rules.

My Prediction Post is looking good.

Lance on the hot-seat.

Odd Question

So, how many of you have been in the military? And of those who have, how many would consider themselves combat experienced? The reason I ask is somewhat related to my Self Control post. Whenever I say something like "I've been trained to fight" people snicker. Now from my background, that seems odd. It isn't a boast: everyone in the army was trained. Some sucked and some weren't trained well. But everyone I know was trained in hand to hand. I am also trained to shoot a gun and to run around in those stupid HAZMAT suits. Oh did that suck. And then yesterday I heard a report that only 4.5% of the population under 45 or something like that had been in the military. That blew me away. I just always assumed most people had been in.

Disco here I come

You won't have Basso to kick around CSC anymore.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sometimes self control is hard.

I just got back from University Village. While there I was waiting on a parking spot. As I started to move in, a silver SUV coming the other direction jumped the spot. A spot opened up nearby so I parked there. As I walked past I said "classy move". The guy immediately came at me and started asking me if I wanted to fight. He yelled at me "how was I supposed to know you wanted the spot?". Obviously he did, since I didn't say "you took my spot" just "classy move". The best part, his kid was getting out of the car while he was berating me. I said nice example and started to walk away, to which he said "let's go". Now he's 6 foot something, a white middle class looking male. And he's doing that thing were he's trying to tower over me.

And it's all I could do not to knee him in the balls and then break his nose. I have the advantage of actually being trained to disable people quickly and firmly. It was pretty obvious he didn't. But I was the better man and walked away. I can't help but feel unsatisfied knowing he walked away thinking "I showed him" while I walked away half hoping he'd take a swing. Why is that? Why is it the jerk gets to feel good about himself while I walk away wishing I'd just (tried to) dropped him right there? Why is the instict to fight so mush stronger than the rational understanding that it doesn't accomplish anything?

Update: maybe it's because all my friends seem to think i should have decked him. But I suspect that's cause they would have found it funny to read my jailhouse blog. And sure you talk tough now Craig, but I seem to remember a different reaction when I went through the window and into that one guys truck after he tried to run you over.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What's that you say?

It looks like we are about to get a good old fashioned retarded internet taunting session going over Craigory Hetherbastor's increasingly shrill demands that we go slower on team rides. Citing training tips imparted on him by 2006 Tour Winner Evgan... er.. eugenny... er that dude Berzin he insists the only way to get faster, is to go slower. And slower. And slower. In fact, future team rides will be at the Motel 6 so we can all cuddle up with our bikes and not strain ourselves.

But, since Craigerificinator Harringten is my best friend I can only take thinly vieled potshots dressed up as whit at him. Otherwise I'll end up the subject of a cheeky post. So rather than risk that, I'll just give you all a forum to take cheap shots at him instead. And after that creme broule it should be hard to miss him.

Old as Dirt: The New PDog?

Old as Dirt is having a hard time at cross. Few people remember I raced a full cross season back in..er.. 19.. er.. 9.. something. Anyway, I actually did. And I wasn't your average roadie. I came ready to play baby. I got me a high end frame (brand escapes me now) with some very kick-ass features: a softride suspension stem just like Ballerini taught me and 170 cranks for clearance (I normally ride 172.5). I actually spent a month at Greenlake practicing my dismounts and remounts (a skill I now use to impress Mrs. Pdog). And for all that I think I actually finished last in every cross race I did. Except for the South SeaTac race I flipped and landed on my head. That one I DNF'd. And my ex lost my keys in the field. So overall, not a great experience. So keep your head up Dirt, it'll put hair on your chest and make you PDog like. Which, of course, may be scary enough to make you quit cycling altogether.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

ProCycling Predictions of 2007

Ok, here's my major predictions for 2007

1. Ulrich will be banned for life.
2. Basso will be "cleared" and sign with Disco
3. Someone will finally get the dirt on Lance
4. Disco will pull its sponsorship
5. Landis will be cleared but not race the tour in '07
6. Bonnen will in fact be revealed to be The Pleasure, making all of us who harass The Pleasure about that look silly.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Pressure + Rides

It's a lot of pressure to keep a blog about cycling updated in the off-season. Especially if you don't race cross. Oh well. How about I treat you to our weekend ride schedule?

Sat 9am - UZoka 3 hour ride
Sun 9am - Spoke and Sprocket 2 hour ride

Wow, wasn't that exciting

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ads you *won't* see on TV

They are, however funny. Warning, the stripper ad does contain nudity and bad jokes. You were warned.

Rumor has it

There will be a new cross race. If this new race were to happen, it would look something (or exactly) like this:

Category Time Prizes Places
KIDS (2-11)*/ Jr 10-12/ 13-14 10:00 Ribbons/ Merchandise 3 places
kids will be separated by age
CROSS 4 Masters 11:00 Merchandise for both 3 places
(Cat 4 35+/ 45+)
CROSS 4 12:00 Merchandise for both 3 places
(Men 4/ Women 4)
CROSS 3 Masters/SSPD/Jr 1:00 Mstr: $100 both/ SSP merch. 3 places/ 3 places
(Cat 3 35+/ 45+); Jr 15-16
CROSS 3/ W 1-3/ JR 2:00 3: $100/W1-3:$100 3 places;3 places
(Men 3; W1-3; Jr 17-18) Jr: merchandise 3 places
CROSS 1-2; MST. 35+ 3:00 1-2:$500/ M35+:$100 5 places;3 places
(Cat 1-2; M35+ 1-2)
* Jr. men and women will race together but be scored separately

Entry Fee: Kids free/ Juniors: $5/ Women Cat.4: $10/ Everybody else: $20
Location: Kitsap County Fairgrounds, 1200 NW Fairgrounds Road, Bremerton, WA
From Bremerton Ferry Terminal: Exit ferry, turn RT. on WASHINGTON AVE. Get in LFT lane, road curves to LFT & becomes 11th St. After about 1miile, turn RT. onto WARREN AVE. Cross the bridge, continue about 4 miles to traffic light at FAIRGROUNDS RD. Turn LFT. on FAIRGROUNDS RD. Go approx. 1.5 mls, Fairgrounds Event Center and course will be on your right.
From Winslow Ferry: Go straight off of ferry on Hwy 305 all the way into Poulsbo. Get on Hwy 3 south to Silverdale. Get off on Silverdale/E. Bremerton exit. Go on Hwy 303, this becomes Waaga Way. Go about 3.5mls. Turn RT at FAIRGROUNDS RD. Go approx. 1.5mls, Fairgrounds Event Center & course is on your right.
From HWY 3: Follow signs to Silverdale/ Bremerton. Continue on Hwy 3 South to Silverdale/ E. Bremerton exit. Stay in far right lane & take the E. Bremerton/ Fairgrounds exit as you approach Silverdale. This turns into Waaga Way. Go 3.5 mls. Turn RT. at FAIRGROUNDS RD. Go approx. 1.5 mls, Fairgrounds Event Center & course on your right.
Registration: On race day only. Seattle Cyclocross Series Numbers will be used.
For further information call Peter Braun (360) 698-8600 or Joe Holmes (360) 362-1611 or email: info@ridgeracing.org. All USA Cycling rules will be enforced. All riders must sign a waiver and wear an approved helmet. USA Cycling permit pending.
A Big Thank You to All of Our Sponsors:
Taco Bell/ Kentucky Fried Chicken
FPH Construction-Silverdale Cyclery-Silverdale Autoworks

Now, I am not saying it's a sure thing. I am just saying, you know. It might happen. And if it did it would eb exactly like that. Unless of course Racer X decides to go talk to hot women instead.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Axley in Pakistan

Luna Chix spreading the Axley Bandit love to Pakistan.

Battlestar Season 3

Ron Moore says it ain't so, but I agree with this take on season 3 so far.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Emde Wins Furnace Creek 508

It's official, Michael won the 2006 Furnace Creek 508. Yah! He put in 80 minutes on the 2nd place. The real story is that he crashed between time checks 2 and 3 on the decent and still finished the race. Sweet.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Sweet Smell of Victory

Sick, deaf and hacking. And yet I still managed to take 3 of 4 sprint points. That's right; even with the new pressure of being proclaimed PruPuppy's Best Cyclist Ever I came good. Although, I was expecting to get ticketed by one of the Wines of Washington Super Troopers......

And don't worry 2xC.. I won't mention your tendency to fall over... oops. Sorry.

And finally, here's the link to live updated of the Furnace Creek 508. As in 508 Miles. Yah, Emde is doing it again this year. Last year he got 3rd after leading most of the race. The top 3 all went faster than the previous course record. My bet is he wins this year. His totem is “Alpine Ibex”. Here are some pics from the start this morning. Go Emde!


Friday, October 06, 2006


When is the CycleU TT series starting again? I am getting bored blogging about my french toast and antagonizing Old As Dirt.....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Darth Tubbs may have won the Washington Cup and the WSBA rider rankings.
Kenny may have won the BARR
Andrew may have won PR
And I am pretty sure someone won Seward Park.

But, now, the best rider in Washington State has been revealed. And it's me. So suck on it!

PruPuppy: "Dad, you are the best frenchtoast maker and cyclist ever."


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why is PDog Cranky

Well, cause I am *still* sick and I can't hear out of my right ear anymore.

Starcrossed Results

Are trickling out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

El Gato Strikes: Starcrossed

Ok, no pictures of El Gato for you, but some serious Axley love from The Smooth (ozone), Schmirnov (Raptor) and The Lady Killer (Bandit). Jonny already got his call out from the King County Journal. The print edition had pics too, and not of Jonny saluting The Stache either.

Jonny and Terry got something good here. The course was spectator friendly and got the Mrs. PruDog seal of approval. And our team ride that morning sucked cause everyone *borrowed* bikes just to do Starcrossed. Now that's cool. Next time, The Zoka-sters need to bring more food though. Now go buy amara's pictures.