Monday, September 28, 2009

iPhone Fail

After gushing about my iPhone I was reminded today why I don't buy Apple products. This review and comments pretty much reflect my experience.

My iPhone's port isn't working, and has been trippy since I got it. However, my moisture sensor was tripped, which technically voids the warranty. So I was told I needed to get a new phone even thought he 2 facts were unrelated. Rather than argue with the Genius Bar guys (since I know it's a cult and a waste of time) I called into Apples Customer Care. They got it resolved, but it took an hour of my life. And I learned that pretty much every iPhone in WA state has had it's moisture sensor tripped because it's *really* sensitive. As they say, it's a known issue.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lame Bloggin'

Light blogging cause we have been moving back to PruMansion. Yah! The move is complete and we are finally back in our real home. Life is good.

The only compelling thing to bitch about is the Uhaul experience, but really aren't all UHaul experiences bad? The only trully exceptional flavor to mine was that the owner of RR Hardware (a UHaul outlet on 15th Ave) thought racist jokes about black and Chinese people were ok. He even felt it was appropriate to make some racist comment about Chinese to PruPuppy (who is 1/2 Korean).

Of course I said something and was shocked to learn that since Obama is President, and Obama is black that racist jokes aren't racist anymore. Hey, that was his explanation, not mine.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bringing Ohop Back

Rumor has it that the Ronde Ohop will be back in 2009. Not by me! Get your pain shoes on cause it will hurt.