Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seattle Bike Expo and Expo Costs

It's that time of year were we start travelling to Expos. One trend I have noticed these past 2 years is a rise in costs for Expo space along with a rise in fees for tables, tents, etc. Why? Well the expo admins will tell you how great the traffic is etc while claiming the drop in exhibitors is forcing the increase.

On the otherhand, many Expos are now being cancelled because there are not enough attendees.

So here's my suggestion to the Expo Industry. Take a class in economics. While it's tempting to view a successful Expo as an opportunity to raise prices, it's also important to recognize that exhibitor margins are pretty thin. A $200 increase may not seem like much, but I am willing to bet many if not most exhibitors lose a small amount of money on expos but are willing to absorb it as marketing. Every increase counts against that. And for exhibitors who travel, the cost of an expo includes staff, shipping and travel.

It is great that your event gets 200,000 people. But any smart exhibitor knows that once you go over about 2000 people, your actual touches don't increase by much. There are just too many people. So great for you that you got 200,000 people. Doesn't really help *us* out much.

For all the bling, pomp and sales jobs the high priced expos push let me share 2 of the best expos we did last year.

Seattle Bike Show and STP. That's right. Both were low cost, allowing us to offest the expo cost with sales and had a good ratio of vendors to attendees.

Update: I want to make clear that I am not suggesting the Expos are raking in cash. Like us, their margins are likely small as well. What I am trying to point out is that supply and demand doesn't care about anyone's margins.

Update II: Just to be clear; I think Cascade is doing it correctly with the bike show and STP. So yes Stoked can wear her Axley gear.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Them there's tactics

Neither Darth Tubbs nor Anton have raced this year, depriving me of my normal means of driving up site traffic. Rudy refuses to get involved in anymore verbal wars with Seabass.

So I guess that leaves me to try to drag up some more bad karma. A few posts ago I mocked the indignation people had over this post. I think I say more offensive things per sentence than is on that entire blog. Yet where are my massive hit counts and Oregon based traffic?

So in order to correct that, and without beating up on Rubicon (which would be copycatting) I've decided to simply direct your attention to the first 3 pictures at this website.

Notice pictures 1 & 2. Besides the powerful and now girlfriended Mr. Boots who else do you see? Ok, besides the Hedgehog. No I don't mean the 2 pro guys. Damnit I am referring to the CMG rider. Now look at picture number 3. How do you see trying to bridge across? That's 2 CMG riders *working* with Doug. Now from my less than impressive perch from the back I kept wondering why CMG was chasing. After all they had a rider in the break. Maybe they wanted 3 riders in the break; but that didn't seem like a great plan if it requires taking Ollerenshaw with you.

I Own You All

I was checking out the USACycling website to see if the results for Ohop were reported there and discovered that I am the #1 ranked rider in my zip code. Hell yah. I own the 98405. Were the hell is my zip code championship jersey????????

Update: Stoked rightly points out that we are in the 98105 not the 98405.

Priority Health Loving

I luv me some Priority Health Cycling. So much I am sending them Trevor and Calvin for Central Valley and then a couple riders for Sea Otter. I will not however drive a follow car. I am still upset that Magic Lad was stern with me about my lack of skillz at Toona. Listen man, it's not easy trying to motorpace you back up while also trying to run The Stallion down.

Also, I think Mr. Boots has a girlfriend. Mr Boots, is this true? Apparently she was impressed with his ride at Cherry Pie. So I saddled up to Mrs. PDog and told her about the time I won 24 Hour Team Natz (thank you fast guys!). I remember this impressing her before she started hanging out in the community. She looked at me and shook her head. Man I need some of Boots Playa Skillz.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ronde Ohop: Results + Report + WACup Standings

4th Ronde Ohop Kermesse
Eatonville, Washington USA
February 25, 2006

Sweet Vengeance: Gallagher Dominates
One year after placing 2nd and 3rd at the Ronde Ohop as The Valley, Team avenged itself by launching Mike Gallagher on a dominate ride to win the 2007 Ronde Ohop. By winning the first race of the Washington State cycling season, Gallagher also claims the first Washington Cup leader’s jersey of 2007.

How it unfolded
Despite predictions of snow, drizzling rain, freezing temperatures, unbearable crosswinds and cyclocross course conditions a solid field including last years podium lined up ready for a long day in the saddle. Team and p/b Seigler Sports set tempo from the start trading turns at the front to ensure their strong riders made the base of the Muur d’ Mashell in the front. Unlike previous years, most riders opted for modified cyclocross bikes with road gearing and slick tries. That choice proved wise from the start as riders struggled up a slick and rough climb. Many riders lost contact with the lead group immediately.

Team wasted no time attacking the field on the road section and formed an elite lead group with Rob Campbell, Derik Archibald, Michael Gallagher (Team, Michael Emde, Lang Reynolds, Mark Knokey ( p/b Seigler Sports), Michael Gaertiner (Vertical Earth) and Todd Gallaher (AVA / Counterbalance). An untimely mechanical by Knokey tipped the balance of power to Team Bobs-Bicycles who countered a move by Emde and Archibald to whittle the lead group down to Reynolds, Campbell, Archibald and Gallagher with Emde chasing just behind. In the field, Hofeldt futily drove the chase to join his outnumbered team-mate.

Caught out alone and unaware that Emde was slowly coming back to the lead group, Reynolds set tempo hoping to discourage attacks his breakaway companions. Gallagher would have none of that, and attacked solo to go clear by several minutes and lapping most of the field. While Archibald faded, Emde was able to rejoin and then counter Reynolds and Campbell. Campbell, having taken advantage of his team’s numerical superiority to conserve energy answered Emde and took 2nd. In his first Ronde Ohop, Reynolds capped off an excellent ride to finish 4th.

Results Category 1/2/3 – 20 laps (40 miles)
1 Mike Gallagher Team
2 Rob Campbell Team
3 Michael Emde Axley USA/Seigler Sports
4 Lang Reynolds Axley USA/Seigler Sports
5 Michael Gaertiner Vertical Earth
6 Derek Archbald Team
7 Todd Gallaher (M) Ava/Counterbalance
8 Justin Hofeldt Vertical Earth
9 James Strangeland Wines of Washington
10 Eric Kapfhammer Axley USA/Seigler Sports
11 Shawn Ongers Axley USA/Seigler Sports
12 Martin Criminale (M) ByrneInvent
13 Mark Knokey Axley USA/Seigler Sports
14 Jason Hobson
15 Michael Pruitt Axley USA/Seigler Sports
16 Paul Nelson Axley USA/Seigler Sports
17 Walt Nestall Old Town
18 Ted Chauvin Hagens-Berman
19 Craig Graecyacny (M) Axley USA/Seigler Sports
20 Damon Pettinger (M) Calfornia Giants

Results: Womens - 15 laps (30 miles)
1 Kari Bolton Avanti/Ti Cycles
2 Allison Beall Avanti/Ti Cycles
3 Lee Smith Team Group Health

Results: Cat 3/4/5 – 15 laps (30 miles)
1 Seth Holton Ava/Counterbalance
2 Pete Banko Avanti/Ti Cycles
3 Daniel Stadley Spokane Rocket Velo
4 Glenn Powell Fanatic Bike Co
5 Dan Davidson Avanti/Ti Cycles
6 Ryan Bibko ASC Junior/Axley USA
7 Jeff Evans Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
8 David Volkert Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
9 Brett Clothier Sharman
10 Zachary Jones Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
11 Kurt Litsinger Avanti/Ti Cycles
12 Matt Swanson Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
13 Bernie Hayden Ava/Counterbalance
14 Nolan Hayden Ava/Counterbalance

Washington Cup Standings after 1 Round

Cat 1 - 2
1 Mike Gallagher - Team 100
2 Rob Campbell - Team 75
3 Michael Emde - p/b Seigler Sports 60
4 Lang Reynolds - p/b Seigler Sports 50
5 Michael Gaertiner - Vertical Earth 45
6 Derek Archbald - - Team 40
7 Justin Hofeldt - Vertical Earth 35
8 James Strangeland - Wines of Washington 30
9 Eric Kapfhammer - p/b Seigler Sports 25
10 Shawn Ongers - p/b Seigler Sports 20
11 Mark Knokey - p/b Seigler Sports 19
12 Jason Hobson 18
13 Michael Pruitt - p/b Seigler Sports 17
14 Paul Nelson - Hagens Berman 16
15 Walt Nestall - Old Town Bicycles 15
16 Ted Chauvin - Hagens-Berman 14

1 Todd Gallaher - AVA / Counterbalance 100
2 Martin Criminale - Byrne's Specialty Gas 75
3 Craig Graecyacny - p/b Seigler Sports 60
4 Damon Pettinger - California Giant 50

Womens Cat 1-2-3
1 Kari Bolton (Avanti / TiCycles) 100
2 Allison Beall (Avanti / TiCycles) 75
3 Lee Smith (Group Health)

For Washington Cup Series information please visit or

*note: there have been some questions about placing. The results were posted, and by USCF regulations, the riders had 15 minutes to protest. Once they are posted for 15 minutes, they are official. If you feel strongly that your result is wrong, contact me and I will forward to the officials.


Wow. I guess they are sensitive in Oregon. I am pretty sure if someone like the pleasure wrote something like that about say WoW no one would get bent. Oh wait...

Meanwhile, at Tony Stark's mansion (AKA Colorado), there's major sun going on.

Meanwhile go give Kenny the money you have left after he won all *your* god-given prize money.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

This will make a great poster

(h/t to Pat Carroll)

Ronde Ohop: Results

Here are the results for Ronde Ohop (AKA Mudfest '07)
Elite Men
1 Mike Gallagher Team
2 Rob Campbell Team
3 Michael Emde Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
4 Lang Reynolds Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
5 Michael Gaertiner Vertical Earth
6 Derek Archbald Team
7 Todd Gallaher (M) Ava/Counterbalance
8 Justin Hofeldt Vertical Earth
9 James Strangeland Wines of Washingtom
10 Eric Kapfhammer Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
11 Shawn Ongers Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
12 Martin Criminale (M) Byrne's Specialty Gas
13 Mark Knokey Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
14 Jason Hobson
15 Michael Pruitt Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
16 Paul Nelson Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
17 Walt Nestall Old Town
18 Ted Chauvin Hagens-Berman
19 Craig Graecyacny (M) Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
20 Damon Pettinger (M) Calfornia Giants

1 Kari Bolton Avanti/Ti Cycles
2 Allison Beall Avanti/Ti Cycles
3 Lee Smith Team Group Health

Men 3/4/5
1 Seth Holton Ava/Counterbalance
2 Pete Banko Avanti/Ti Cycles
3 Daniel Stadley Spokane Rocket Velo
4 Glenn Powell Fanatic Bike Co
5 Dan Davidson Avanti/Ti Cycles
6 Ryan Bibko ASC Junior/Axley USA
7 Jeff Evans Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
8 David Volkert Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
9 Brett Clothier Sharman
10 Zachary Jones Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
11 Kurt Litsinger Avanti/Ti Cycles
12 Matt Swanson Axley USA/Spoke and Sproket
13 Bernie Hayden Ava/Counterbalance
14 Nolan Hayden Ava/Counterbalance

I am aware that a couple of the placing may be incorrect. I have sent the comments to the officials. It will be their call and I will not override whatever they rule. Don't be surprised if the results as posted stand.

TT Lovin

Post Race report: wet and cold. But no dirt.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


to Bobs-Bicycles for a well executed Ronde Ohop. The course sucked (this year it *was* a cross race) and they used some great tactics to get 1st and 2nd ahead of our boys who took 3rd and 4th. We might have played it smarter and gotten 3rd, maybe, but they would have won no matter what. Great job.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Confidential to my former boss

No shit? Gee, I think a bunch of us were trying to tell you that like 5 years ago now. But ya know what? It's too late cause ya got rid of us and replaced us with people who were going to make the company more mature. Guess you believed in your own myth a little too much.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ya know

For all you fast Cat 1 / 2 types trash talking about how you plan to destroy me this year... you do realize how sad it is making a 36 year old, overwieght father of 2 young children your primary adversery of the year right? I mean, this is a win-win for me. I can't lose. All I have to do is finish a race to feel good about myself. And I am not just talking about The Cottage of Wattage (tm).

It's Almost Here

The '07 Ronde Ohop is almost here. I feel oddly complacent this year; it's an easy race to put on and I guess I just always worry I have forgotten something.

The prereg this year has been amazing. This generally is a small race: big dirt sections and a february start don't exactly make it the easiest race to start out with. The inspiration was Het Volk and I've always figured that it'd appeal to a smaller niche within our already small niche.

That said, part of me is nervous we'll reach the field limit in the 1/2 field. That would be amazing. If it happens; we'll figure it out. Probably seperate the Masters.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dreaming of Spider-Monkies

The Dream is over; Magic Lad has droppped out of the ToC. Too sick to go on, and probably tired of my blogging his adventure, he's ruined my ToC. No more can I live vicariously through him.

On the otherhand, rumor has it that P-Stache plans to come at all of us like a Spider-Monkey. If he does, just tap his elbow.


Rumor has it that Mr. Boot's amazing power is the result of a top secret training regimen known as "Sundt-erpacing". Having been duly destroyed by a little wind at Cherry Pie (by the way, were the hell was that Pie I was promised????) I am going to get me some of that special "Sundt-erpacment".

PS, I have been informed by Mr. Boots that a picture of me at the race shows that I may, in fact, be R.T.'s body double. Clearly Boots is trying to get in my head. Listen, better men than you have tried. I am perfectly happy with my body.... although now that I think about it that gut is kinda big. And those shorts do not flatter my thighs at all.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mom's Say The Darnest Things

From's live update of Stage 3 of the ToC.

13:40 PST 135km/51.4km to go
If Omer Kem knew his mom wrote in saying "he is magic and I have believed from the moment he turned Pro he was going to do great things" maybe he'd find the energy to get back up to the leaders. He's 25 seconds back at the moment.

150K in the break and this will haunt him forever.

Updated: Mrs. PDog prefers Liggett's "Brave Young Lad".

Monday, February 19, 2007

Omer Kem delivers the pain

To Christian Vandevelde. Sorry Omer, I guess that wasn't your only crash this year. But at least Liggett knows who you are now.

Let it be known...

That Axley Super Hyper Team Go (tm) is not the only Axley related team having a kick-ass start to the year. Hagens Berman's elite team has taken out 2 wins that I know of, courtesy of J.R. and Priority Health's BJM got 3rd in the ToC prologue while Sheedy got the KoM jersey. BJM doesn't were Axley.. but we love him nonetheless. And The Hedgehog, managed to get 4th behind Mr. Boots commanding presense in a classy pair of Silver Lynx.

Now, Soloman Torres did not make the move. Perhaps that is because he was wearing Smith, while Andy Fischer who looked ready to go the distance until he had a mechanical was sporting Raptors.

Where's P-Do

The kids were cranky and the wife was tired so PruDog, who really really likes being married to the long suffering Mrs. PDog, decided to stay home and skip VoS. The real question is will PDog try to go next year, or can he take a hint?

In the meantime, Joe Wiley, our CA rider, took 5th in the Cat 2 TT. Closer to Galactic HQ Mr. Boots counter The Hedgehog at Cherry Pie only to find that his massive wattage was just too much for the field. He ended up 3rd on the day and was overheard chatting up some girls with the line "Hi I'm Mr. Boots, I was in the break all day wanna go out?".

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why WADA sucks

Pretty much page 46 on.

My personal favorite is the round about way they admit some of Armstrong's samples may have been "spiked".

My Bete Noir

Valley of the Sun, why do you hate me so? Last year the RV broke down... now the kids are all sick with only 2 days before we leave. I'd say chances of departure 50% and dropping.....

As a side note, both Stoked and OAD have lost family recently. I knew about Stoked but didn't post since I wan't sure if that we a sensitive or insensitive thing to do. But I think both are known now so anyway go over and share some sensitivity with them.

Monday, February 12, 2007

What the Deuce?

"Good luck. Remember, Arizona is just a training race"

Screw that. I am gonna win. Oh yah.

Meanwhile Tom Danielson decided to pick on a bunch of poor local guys. I was less interested in that than is seeing the Mark Santurbane, of Bob's Bicycles, got 2nd in the TT behind him. Way to go Mark.

Elite Men
1. Tom Danielson, Discovery Channel, 0:36:10
2. Mark Santurbane, Team, 0:40:39
3. Drew Miller, Landis/Trek VW, 0:41:22
4. Joshua Liberles, Colavita New Mexico, 0:42:27
5. Joshua Bartlett, Noreast Cycling, 0:45:35

Saturday, February 10, 2007

That Prediction Post keeps looking better..

Just to refresh your memory, the prediction post is here.

So far, we have Basso to Disco correct, and Discovery pulling its sponsorship correct. I'd argue that Ullrich getting banned for life to be at least worth 50% right now, and Flandis isn't racing the Tour so there's at least 50%.

Boonen still hasn't been revealed to be The Pleasure yet though.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh My.

I have come to realize that I am going to need to hire an office manager. Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal to you, my faithful reader, but it is to me.

And for those of you that don't understand my posts.. well do you really understand half of what I say in real life? Come on. Super Serially. I mean, I know you guys just nod to get me to shut up. Hell, *I* don't understand half of what say. You should really only read this blog for the blatant product plugs and links to other, really insightful blogs.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


What's that you say.

Anton thinks he looks like Boonen. But I think he is more like Arnold. Why you ask? Well I found this in my in box.

Dear P-Dog~
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. You are my enemy PDog. Even if you got me a kick ass "I'm With Boonen" shirt. And your blog and dog are both stupid.

Seriously, that's a direct quote. Well OK, I paraphrased it slightly. Hey man, blogging is all about the buzz and I had to spiff it up a bit to get the controversy going.

I refuse to be drawn in to that kind of taunting. It's juvenile and unprofessional. Rudy however had this to say:

Hey Anton, does picking on a 11lb dog make you feel tough? Well just remember Ohop is in a State Park and I know some locals that might want to talk toy ou at the race. I cam just saying. ~ Love Rudy

Man, can't we all just get along.

Ronde Ohop (WA Cup Rd 1) Start List

The Ronde Ohop is a circuit race meant to evoke the traditional Belgian season Opener Omloop Het Volk. The race was run twice in 2005 and once in 2006. The race runs over the Mashell Prairie road and into the Federation Forest Park. Like the cobbled classics of Belgium, riders must save energy on the paved sections (1 mile per lap) and survive the brutal dirt section (1 mile per lap) which include the short (100 meters) Muur d'Mashell. Although untechnical, the dirt sections do require riders to push smaller gears than normal and be able to minimiz energy expenditure. Drafting is important in this race. Puncture resistant, 700x25C tires are highly recommended.

Ronde Ohop is also the first round of the Washington Cup. 2006 Winners will be presented with the 2006 Champions Jersey prior to the start of their race.

Past Winners
2005 Kiel Reijnan
2005 Michael Pruitt
2006 Michael Emde

Final Update Feb 23, 2007
-- Day of Reg only now.

Riders currently registered for the Ronde Ohop are listed below. Each field has a 50 rider field limit. Based on last years pre-registration to day of ratios. We are currently projecting a 40-50 rider elite field and a 30 rider B field.

If there are more than 5 Cat 3's registered in the B field they will be scored seperately from the 4/5's.

Riders must declare which Washington Cup Competition they are competing for. Elite riders will be placed for Ronde Ohop as one field, but will recieve points for the Washington Cup based on thier declaration. If, for example, the winner of the race has declared for the Masters Competition and the 2nd place rider has declared for the Senior Competition, the official race results will reflect their finishing order but their Washington Cup points would be 100 Masters Series points for the Race Winner and 100 Elite points for the 2nd place finisher. You declaration will only be in effect for the Ronde Ohop.

Elite Men (Cat 1/2/3)
Michael Pruitt - / Seigler Sports
Michael Emde - / Seigler Sports
Mark Knokey - / Seigler Sports
Eric Kapfhammer - / Seigler Sports
Shawn Ongers - / Seigler Sports
Trevor Mays - - / Seigler Sports
Lang Reynolds - / Seigler Sports
Erik Scheller - / Seigler Sports
Derek Archibald -
Rob Campbell -
Mike Gallagher -
Ross Spero
Brandon Lynch
Todd Gallaher -- AVA/CounterBalance Bicycles
Jordan Campbell
Paul Nelson
Damon J Pettinger
Jeff Scott
Ted Chauvin --Hagens-Berman Cycling
Justin Hofeldt -- Vertical Earth
Michael Gaertner -- Vertical Earth
Thomas Mcgrath -- Vertical Earth
Craig Gracyalny -- / Spoke&Sprocket
Martin Criminale -- Byrne Specialty Gas

B Race (Cat 3/4/5)
Brian Hamilton
Greg Goad / Spoke&Sprocket
Brett Clothier-Sharman
Jeff Evans / Spoke&Sprocket
Seth Holton
Dan Davidson
Bernie Hayden -- AVA/CounterBalance Bicycles
Nolan Hayden -- AVA/CounterBalance Bicycles
Ryan Bibko - ASC Junior Racing /

Allison Beall - Avanti / TiCycles
Jennifer Davidson
Danielle Shaver - Avanti / TiCycles

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vote Rudy or Embolden the Terrorists

Yah that's right. The greatest threat to freedom is not having the will to vote for Rudy. It is a known fact that the only thing standing between chaos and order in the Middle East is Rudy's steadfact leadership and decisionating.

Now Rudy would never imply that it is unpatriotic of you to want Jack to win. What Rudy is saying is that an election is no place for such thoughts.

So go vote for Rudy. And keep those pro-Jack thoughts to yourself.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ronde Ohop

TEC4 has too much time on his hands. I'll bring you actual footage from '05 and '06 Wednesday. Then you can see just how easy Paris-Roubaix is compared to Ohop. Muhahahahahahahahahaha.

And amazingly, people are preregistering.

So you should to. Do it here. Otherwise I will win and you can't let that happen.


Honest Joe votes against cloture? I seen to remember Honest Joe going on The Daily Show a few years back trying to explain why he voted *for* cloture on the bankruptcy bill (a bill which, while closing none of the loopholes for The Donald's regular Bankruptcy Filings, does hold you accountable if you go bankrupt cause your kid gets cancer). See, back then, it was undemocratic not to vote against cloture when the majority supported a bill. I guess now it is democratic. Hypocrit. Not for voting for or against cloture, but coming up with some bs excuse to make yourself seem holy.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Didn't this start like years ago?

Anyway, UPMK continues here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nordic Lovin

The shameless self promotion never ends. The commenting is nothing to get excited about, but minute 3:06 is.