Monday, October 10, 2011

The Kids are Teh Sucks

The Kids are Teh Sucks by Fake Mrs. PruDog

Dear Keller Rohrback #Kids,

When Michael Prudog told me we were going to the team post game party at Jamie's new house I assumed it would be a raging out of control party. I'm from California and remember fondly the keggers we used to have that ran until 7am the next morning. We'd get trashed and then be at class by 7:15.

It sounded like fun. I mean, we have kids and a raging night for us is one cocktail and to bed by 8:30p.

What a dissapointment. You guys are Teh Sucks. I mean, I was just having my 7th beer around 9 when I looked around and the only ones there were the old guys. I mean, I get to see these guys enough already. I like Mike H. but I was hoping for a drunken naked Galen dancing on the table while the wives stuffed $10 bills in his undies (don't worry, we have jobs). Instead, we got to see Jamie pass out and the old guy across the street dare us to walk on his lawn.

Seriously, I expect more out of all of you.


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