Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Real Reason I am not blogging much

I am head deep in getting my PMP certification. That means classes, one of which is a technical writing class so all my witty observations and general crankiness are being expressed there. Now I started taking these classes in order to put some formal training and organization around methodology and skills I've used for the last 6 years.

However, as I've started looking for a Project Management position I've realized that so many companies require the various certifications (some of which didn't even exist when I started my PruSports) and so many "exam cram" classes have popped up that the certification in and of itself is in danger of becoming meaningless.

All of which is a set up for this website.

Monday, May 05, 2008

My Brain is Melting

I just took the 100 question PMI BKA test.

I hate tests. I don't like not having any interaction with the person asking the question. I am also jargon-challenged so it takes me a bit to track the terms. As most of you know, I tend to talk in stories.

I did better than what appears to be the average score. Still way off of those over-achievers who score 96%.

Anyway, my point? The test made my brain melt.