Thursday, November 30, 2006

It keeps on goin'

My boss is a jerk. I hope I don't get fired.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will he ride it?

Following up on my previous post, will Joe "The PStache" Holmes get a custom Bike Friday to race Ohop? He may need a longer wheelbase.

And are you ready? I am planning on running it as originally concieved.. as a Belgian style mass start, all categories. Max field size would be 50 riders. Up the Muur de Michelle... man it'll be hard again.

Let me start banging the equipment drum early. You don't need a cross bike. You don't need super-skillz. You *do* need 700x25c tires. That's really it. I recommend the Specialized Armidillo. These bad boyz are tough.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Does this mean..

I am reading between the lines but I think what USADA is trying to say is:

Upon further review, yes your doctor is probably right and you got screwed. However, if we actually admitted you got screwed by us then you might sue us. So, if you agree to a 2 year ban, which you have already served and thereby accept the decision and give up your option to sue us then you can race again.

Maybe I am reading to much into it, but I would have sued. The test is flawed, WADA knew it was flawed and just like the current round of test controversies they are fudging the science. The EPO test had serious issues very very early on and it turned out us skeptics were right. Hey Dick, were's the apology?

Don't Call It A Comeback

BRI, once the top local crit team, is poised for a serious resurgance in '07. With the signing of Joe "Right Turn" Holmes and Gary "The Man Package" Brown the team looks set to shake things up. For further proof look no further than the new team bike, as revealed in comments by our spy Mr. Boots. After years of second rate Bianchi's the team has finally decided to ride 'san chain" and get on the technology tip. Solid. I'd make up a quote from Andy Luhn here, but let's face it. The photo is funny all by itself.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Cycle U indoor TT's..

So, are there going to be more heats added? More days? From what I saw last week there seems to be a pretty high demand.

Oh, and there is a ride tomorrow. 9am Uzoka.

It's Official: TH to hurt you full time

Via Cyclingnews:

Todd Herriott joins Hagens Berman as director

The Lake Washington Velo Cycling Club is taking another big step in solidifying itself as a premier amateur development team with the announcement of Todd Herriott as the Director Sportif. Herriott comes to the team with several years on the National Racing Calendar (NRC) circuit as a member of the Colavita/Sutter Home and Health Net programs, along with a background as a strength and conditioning coach.

"With the increased support from our sponsor Hagens Berman we were able to bring in a great talent and mentor like Todd to help mold our talented yet inexperienced riders into the cyclists of tomorrow," noted team President Terry Buchanan. "He has the experience and background to direct this team to an even higher level."

Herriott comes to the team with several stellar performances over the last several years: first American to win the Univest Grand Prix in 2002; first American to win the Tour of Cuba and finishing his professional career 12th overall at the US professional road championships earlier this year. Herriott won't only be sitting behind the wheel of the team's car but will also support the entire team in many areas including coaching, tactics, and mental toughness and will also give us a unique perspective as the season progresses via his website.

I think this is a great step for Hagen Berman (or the team formerly known as Broadmark). It's a huge transition to go from a real amateur team to one that's professional in organization. It's not easy for the people involved, as riders and "staff" have to adjust to new ways of operating and different roles; it shakes up comfort zones and most people don't enjoy change. But there's a pretty bright light at the end of that tunnel I hope that the majority of the HB team sees and is on board for.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

2003 Ghent-Wevelgem

So I am watching the 2003 Ghent Wevelgem and I had forgotten that Boonen crashed into the photographers on the finish. What gets me isn't the crash. It looked to me like it was Vogel's fault cause he pushed Boonen. But the photographer who doesn't get out of the way just stands there and takes pictures instead of helping Boonen... that's pretty jackass.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I managed to sneek out of the house to do the CycleU TT. First surprise, you have to preregister. Guess it pays to read the emails. Luckily The McSickness was late so a snagged his spot. That was pretty much the end of my luck as I got pounded down by Big Marty and a 2nd Ascent rider I know only as Nick The Pain Dealer. My excuse? I think the dog ate my VO2.

On the plus side, I got to get home earlier than planned and stair into the eyes of PPuppy V2.0. Solid.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Looking For Sponsorship?

It's that time of year, so if you or your team is looking for eyewear sponsorship from Axley USA email me at Axley USA Eyewear is especially interested in working with nordic / cross-country ski teams and running teams. We are maxed out on Seattle area cycling teams and pro cycling teams. Outside of that hit me up, as the yutes say.

A couple suggestions before you do... my goal is to develop a real relationship with our sponsored athletes and teams. I am looking for people with integrity who will help us develop new products, improve our existing products and advocate for our product. I'd rather have a couple enthusiastic novice skate skiers on board that'll get other people exicted about Axley USA than a 3 x world champion who is bitter and cranky. Don't worry about results; Let us know how you'll help us promote our product so that we have a way of judging the relationship's success.

Most of the line is viewable at

So much for that...

Well, I *was* getting 8 hours of sleep. The question is who was reading my blog at 4am this morning when I was checking stats? Come on.. fess up.

And Slow As Dirt. I am calling you out. Tuesday, TT, CycleU. I will give you a 3 minute handicap. Do it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Sched 2007

So I've been toying around with the NRC schedule. Looks like Priority Health will abuse us pretty good early in the year, so our schedule will be front loaded.

January 26-28th Nelsons Landing Stage Race
Februay 17-19th Valley of the Sun
March 3-11th Central Valley Classic (NRC)
April 12-14th Sea Otter (NRC)
April 24-29th Tour of Virginia (NRC)
May 29-June 03 Mt Hood (NRC)
June 13-16 Tour de Nez (NRC)
July 7-8 Infinion (NRC)
July 11-15th Cascade Classic (NRC)

The seem to be a ton of races, but I can't help but notice many overlap (Cascade, Super Week, Toona and Nationals) and there aren't any stage races after Toona. That sucks, cause we'd hoped to do more races spread out. But it is what it is. I probably just didn't notice since we only did 4 last year.

Update 11/27
Yah! They moved Toona back a week. So it's now in.
July 23-30 Tour de Toona (NRC)

Wouldn't it be fun

To do a $5 race series on Wednesdays, on the Ohop course. If I did 5 races, and no one showed up I'd have 5 wins under my belt by March 1st. And I could get that cat 1 upgrade I never wanted. I might have to hire the local kids from town to make the field limit. But what the hell. Gotta get the W somehow...... it would rule if I could get the voice of the vuelta baja california to be the announcer man.


Who would of thunk. And rather than letting up it seems to be getting a little harder. Let's see if anyone shows up for the ride.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Be Nice to your Elders

Today the Stallion showed up to hurt us. He has lost 30lbs, and is ready to rock. I am not. After cracking up Norway I quickly rediscovered why watching TV and eating Nachos is an American Lifestyle. Perhaps The Stallion only wanted to make sure we didn't miss the Hoot Girls on The Gilman. Hoot Girls, you can flash our team ride any day.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Axley Season Opener: Open that Valley, Son.

Looks like Valley of the Sun will again be our season opener. Any guesses were our car will break down this time?

Pimpin' my wares

The Early Adopter Program has been a rockin' success so far. In fact, we are already out of the Pearl Photocromatic Cats. If you are interested in helping us develop new product while getting a killer deal, check the EA Products out here. All the normal warranties and such apply, we just ask that you give us feedback so we can continue to improve the product line.


I actually am getting 8 hours of sleep a night. I feel better than before the baby was born. PruPuppy V2.0 has to be the calmest baby ever (which could be because she is really a sleeper agent working for the hospital food service). I have only ridden 2x since she came home though.. getting out of the house is hard especially with all the shipping I do when I can get out.

I've managed to avoid gaining to much weight, sitting at 168lbs. I raced at 158 this year, so I've put on 10. But compared to the 50 I put on last time I am doing pretty well. I think Coach Troy will be my new best friend.

There will be a ride Saturday and Sunday; probably 3-4 hours each. I'll have to turn around and only do 2 or 2.5... UZoka. Be there 9am or be square.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Taking Down Darth Tubbs in 3 steps

My master plan for beating Tubbs:

1. Give him a xxs Washington Cup leaders jersey to wear (thus making it hard to breath)
2. Steal his water and heed. We know he cracks when dehydrated.
3. Go to different races.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Any Philosophy Majors in the House?

A real question for those familiar with rhetorical theory and the use of logical fallacies (formal and informal) as a rhetorical tactic.

My presumption is that most of us use logical fallacies fairly regularly. But our use is not a tactical decision or intentional. It actually represents faulty logic or intellectual laziness.

But, have there been studies done on whether there's a threshold someone can cross where the persistent use of logical fallacies indicates an intentional rhetorical tactic?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sonic Cyclocross Update

Sweet Bandits!

From the Sonic Cyclocross PR Desk:

This weekend was quite good to The Sonic Cyclocross Team.
We won 6 races and had a 3rd to boot.
In the win column:
-Matt Shriver out foxed both Todd and troy Wells to win the Colorado State championship
-Cara McCauley from our sister team, Cherwine, won the North Carolina State Championships and she won the day before at the Race the train Cross race in North Carolina
- Andy applegate won the, Race the train Cross race and was 3rd in the North Carolina Cross Championships
- Hollie McGovern won the 8th round of the Sacramento Cyclocross series at Rancho Seco
- Chris McGovern Won the at Rancho Seco as well.

Axley Nordic Team: Here to take names and drink cocoa

Mmmmm. Pie. I love Pie. But you are here to read about our Nordic Team. That's right, Axley USA has a kick ass Nordic Team. Who's on it you ask? Let's see, we got:

Ronnie Schmeer
Alex Gardner
Craig Hetherington
Geoffrey Crofoot
Joe Holmes
Gary Brown
Rick Knowles

You'll notice all 7 are cyclists, but ony 2 ride for me. That's cause I am all about spreading the love.

Axley Italy started in the snow side of the world, so in a wierd way this will be back to our roots. We even went out and got some skin-tight nordic kit to show off Gary's Package (tm). That's right ladies, it's all natural. But he's taken so you might want to try your luck with Hethering-bone.

Sadly, doubt I'll be able to make even a single race to check out. I've never done Nordic, and am a horrible alpine skier. PruPuppy is quite good though and I am sure will pay for the PruFamily retirement with his fat multi-sport endorsement contracts.

Monday, November 13, 2006

PStache to Seattle Cross Scene: You Suck.

I can neither confirm nor deny that you, the Seattle Cross Racer, are lame and week. I am too lazy to ride my bike let alone race cross. But PStache has some strong opinions.

On an unrelated note I am confused by the back page of the new WCP catalogue which features the 2006 Tour video next too the drug free sport wristband ad. And speaking of which, where's my Dopers Suck wristband? How am I suposed to keep from getting yelled at if I don't have the proper wristband?

Speaking of videos, hey Steve. Have dad give me my Paris-Roubaix DVD back.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cuter than you

My daughter is cuter than you. Don't feel bad, she's just really cute. Thank God for Mom's DNA. Of course rumor has it Andrew and Roger's kids are cute as well. Mini-diesel is a mini-diesel. And Crow acts like a child even though he isn't.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Just for the record, Basso has not been cleared as the various websites seem to be reporting.
Teams react to Basso signing

Discovery Channel’s signing of Ivan Basso has not met with a positive response from the rest of the ProTour teams. Although Basso was cleared in the Operación Puerto blood doping affair, it seems a few teams believe suspicion remains on Basso’s shoulders. Other teams are reserving their judgment for the time being.

T-Mobile issued a statement expressing concern over the signing of the Italian. “We can't comment on the Basso case without knowing the details," said the team’s communications director Christian Frommert. "But we are still worried as to whether the sport will be able to effectively fight against doping. We need firm alliances for that."

T-Mobile’s new directeur sportif, Rolf Aldag, spoke to Express before the signing was officially confirmed. “For me it’s inconceivable that Basso should sign for Discovery...Basso and also Jan Ullrich should prove their innocence, and only then should they be of interest again.”

Francaise des Jeux team manager Marc Madiot was quoted by L’Equipe as saying, "I'm annoyed that what we agreed on has not been respected.” Madiot believed that Basso should submit to a DNA test to clarify any doubts about whether he was involved in Operación Puerto.

Milram’s manager Gianluigi Stanga told La Gazzetta dello Sport, "We need to know if Basso was asked to submit a DNA sample or not. If not then it is clear that Discovery did not adhere to the verbal agreement that the teams had made at the meeting in Paris at the end of October.”

It’s not yet clear whether Discovery will require Basso to have a DNA test. That may depend on the outcome of a meeting between the UCI, the professional teams association (AIGCP), and the professional cyclists association (CPA) in Geneva on Friday. The representatives of various parts of professional cycling will discuss whether compulsory DNA testing will be introduced to the peloton.

The Italian Federation has simply decided not to proceed suspend him or proceed with the investigation because they have not recieved the documents they need from Spain. The Spanish officials have not sent these because they haven't finished their investigation or conducted the trial yet. That's not to say that Basso is guilty. It means the Federation doesn't have the information to make a decision either way.

I think suspending the Federation's inquiry is the right thing to do... it could take years for the spanish judiciary to finish their proceedings and it's unfair IMO to suspend them on a suspicion of guilt. But they certainly haven't been absolved.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

predictions looking good..

1 down. So far looking good.

Death of the Moderate Republican

I am not a partisan democrat, so the biggest win for me to night was the death of the moderate Republican. Wait, what's that you say? That's right. So many moderate Republicans lost I hope that it finally shakes them enough to realize the brand "W" is not conservative and that making nicey nicey with Rove gets them nowhere. Now they can either try to take their party back or better yet start a new party. We have a 2 party system and having 1 party rule, GOP or Dem is not good.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As my fridge and email box both slowly fill up I am reminded just how cool our community is. You all rock. Except, you. Yah you. You know who you are. The rest of you though, pat yourselves on the back.

Monday, November 06, 2006


We have escaped the dread hospital. The little one has turned on her commanders and joined us. She sleeps with us now, and cries a lot. And eats. She thinks my collarbone is a nipple. Strange. We are hiding in our house. Don't tell the hospital cafeteria staff. I can't take another plain baked patato.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trapped in the Hospital

48 hours later and we are still, trapped in the hospital. I don't know what my captors want, but it is getting harder not to crack. Bad food. Constant interuptions. We thought having a baby like they told us would make them happy. But nooooo. They still want to poke Mrs.PDog with needles and torture us with bad food. Did I mention the bad food. And they have placed a little one in our room. She claims to be one of us but I suspect she is an agent. She sleeps too much to be a real baby. But she is so cute.. I find it hard not to answer her siren calls.. when she cries I find myself jumping up to help, often into a bed post, lamp or other hard, painfull device.

Once of the nurses says we can leave today. I hope she is right...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Off to have a baby

So apparently the doctor has it all wrong. I want to know the babies sex but have Mrs. PDog go into labor naturally. Instead, they won't tell me the sex and are inducing tonight. Oh well. It was fun being rested while I was.