Monday, January 29, 2007

Look out Curly

There's a new online video sheriff in town.

For Immediate Release:
January 28th, 2007 (Roslyn,WA):

The trailer for ONE is finally here. ONE, a documentary about a season of
bicycle racing, is a product of Evan Schmitt and Dirty Moose Productions.
Take a journey around the Pacific Northwest into the biggest races of the
season. See Gastown, Hood, and Cascade and hop over to Rhode Island to see
the Cyclocross National Championships. See footage of Ryan Trebon, Danny
Summerhill, JJ Haedo, and many more. You can view the trailer here: Tentative release of DVD is spring of
2007. Local movie tour inquiries should be sent to

Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Cycling Blog Round-up NW Edition

PruDogBlog- No one wants free Ozones?
Stokediam - If I fall on ice and land on a tree in the woods and Old As Dirt doesn't blog about it, did it really happen?
Old-As-Dirt- I'm Old and I all you other cyclists ride wrong.
P-Stache- I've fallen and I can't get up.
El Gato- I am the new Stanglelanator
Coach Curly- I've changed my name to the eternal Cat 4, but not because I was making fun of Kenny. No one would ever do that. Cause, you know, no one in cycling around here makes fun of anyone. Ever.
Michelle Malkin- I'm an idiot.

There you go. Have a good weekend.

Free Upgrades

Yah that's right. If you have an '06 style Cat, bring it to the Axley Sport Optic World Headquarter (tm) and I'll cool it up for you. We'll add a nose pad (your choice of gummy or hard), a templebootie and even bend the arm if you desire extra helmet clearance. Your cost? Nada. Zilch. Zero.

These are all improvements we made thanks to the feedback of our product testing team, sponsored athletes and Lord Serpentor, who talks to me when I sleep.

This I command!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wanna Free Pair of Ozones?

answer below
I have a free pair of Ozones to the first person who can tell me why the new NeoCon talking point* is,

“No Shiites, No Sunnis: We are all children of the Prophet Muhammad.”

well, stupid**.

*Here's the background. The new NeoCon meme being pushed is that the problem with Iraq and the Middle East is that no MLK-type figure is stepping up to promote the values of peaceful coexistance. Via Tom Friedman (pushing the meme):

How could it be that Danish cartoons of Muhammad led to mass violent protests, while unspeakable violence by Muslims against Muslims in Iraq every day evokes about as much reaction in the Arab-Muslim world as the weather report? Where is the Muslim Martin Luther King? Where is the “Million Muslim March” under the banner: “No Shiites, No Sunnis: We are all children of the Prophet Muhammad.”

**I thought picking on Marty Peretz was too easy. Plus he's a liberal (even though he is nominally a liberal neocon). H/T Matt Yglesias

There is [no Muslim MLK]. If one were living on earth, they'd break his windows. Imprison him. Or kill him. Finished.

As opposed to the real MLK who was loved by all, well treated and sitting on his porch sipping lemonade even as we speak....

update 1/29

“No Shiites, No Sunnis: We are all children of the Prophet Muhammad.”

is a bad slogan because the division between Shiites and Sunnis is over whether or not anyone can interprit the word on Muhammad or if only his direct descendents can. It'd be like trying to end years of Christian and Jew divisions by proclaiming "No Jews, No Christian: We are all followers of Jesus.".

More product plugs as substitute for content.

This is what we refer to as filler since I don't have time for a real post.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Musseuw can't be trusted

Let me start off by saying I don't know if Johann is guilty of doping or not. If he is, then obviously that's horrible. But the his confession is less than meaningless. Clearly Johann believes he is guilty. But, without scientifically validated tests to verify his claims, how can he be sure? Where are the studies, the peer-reviews? I haven't seen anything in this confession that is anything more the Musseuw's own belief that he took drugs.

Oh wait.

Never mind.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cadel-Evan-Holmes I presume?

Taco Bell Joe has fallen off his bike again. He blames Wes and has some story about how he was training. I think he broke it watching Adult Swim and getting upset at the Buckeye taunts.

While I hope The Stache heals up and learn to not fall off so much maybe this will free him up to drive the Axley / Seigler Team car. What say you Joe?

Monday, January 22, 2007

More Snow Action

Check out #48.

Screw You Kaplan

I don't care what Kaplan thinks, "Can You Smell What the Barak's Been Cooking" will be the best campaign slogan ever and get those critical WWF votes Obama needs.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Looky Looky

Mr. 508 makes the front page.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Made in China

Ok, so now the secret can be let out of the bag. We had some Cats made with the Made in China logo on them rather than the made in Italy logo. We were testing lenses and a new print app. But, the factory is the same one that made them before and to a great extent I was testing the impact of the made in Chine logo on percieved quality.

What I found interesting is the reaction to made in China. The feedback I got was positive for the most part and we asked for suggestions for improvement. But I was surprised how many times the feedback was prefaced a variation of "the stuff you got from China" or "unlike the Italian product"... even on this blog there are plenty of snarky "what's that made in china crap" cracks. I assume most are just friendly ribbing. But it does represent a real bias against Chinese factories.

The bottom line is just by putting "made in China" on the Cat, the product tester and customers percieved a drop in quality. Maybe more specifically, they were more critical of some aspects of the eyewear that they weren't when the logo said "made in Italy". In product testing that actually worked out well, because they made suggestions for improvements I suspect they would not have made if the frames said made in Italy. I think that is correctly labelled an irony.

The challenge for us is to make a quality piece of eyewear for that $59.99 pricepoint that is popular right now. Many of the competing brands at that level skimp on stuff the average consumer wouldn't know to check: lenses quality, optical clarity and frame quality. Instead they load up on great sounding features the consumer can readily see. On the long run, that hurts them because few people will buy a second pair. But in the short run it sells glasses.

I won't compromise lens quality, clarity or frame quality. Which puts us at a POP disadvantage since that means we have to offer fewer easily identifiable features. Shipping the product to Italy to have it printed as made in Italy costs a lot of money per pair. I had hoped that by skipping that step, we could reinvest in some improved features that have a real practical impact on the functionality of the eyewear and athlete's experience. But what I learned is that the Made in Italy stamp adds percieved value to the eyewear greater than any of the other features I was hoping to add.

More afterthoughts-
Made in China clearly evokes some negative expectations. But my experience is that the factory is the key, not the country. The reality is Made in XXX is pretty meaningless: most of the Made in Italy products you buy are actually made in Brazil or China. Hell, most made in Taiwan stuff is made in China now (and no they aren't the same). And even at a given factory, it depends on the customers instructions. Yes, the Rite-Aid Special is a cheap pair of glasses. Low quality design, lenses, frame material, etc. But that's because the customer (Rite-Aid) wants to sell at the $5-12 price point. If they asked for better product, they could get it.

Also, those who know me know that I am an advocate of good eyewear. While I love our stuff, I am more concerned with getting people under good product in general. I believe in quality eyewear. Which is why most of the $60 and below price point stuff bug me. Because most of it (not all) keeps the cost down by skimping on core areas of eyewear that directly impact the functionality of the eyewear (kind like selling a car with a crappy engine but a lot of options). There is no magic way to reduce costs. Quality costs money, and reducing costs means reducing features.

But as frustrated as I get by that (because, at a fundamental level I feel it cheats the consumer by playing and *encouraging* their lack of optical knowledge) it also great because it has really challenged us to squeeze every last ounce of functionality out of our current cost basis. That's exciting for me, because I love design and finding solutions to challenges like that. And it's great for the consumer because it means a company like ours will step up and really try to deliver *quality* eyewear with a nice feature set in that pricepoint.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

That hurt.

So I did 3 heats at CycleU's indoor TT last night. My performance was unspectacular, which isn't surprising given my lack of riding since "The Fall" (tm). What was surprising is how sore my wrist got. Blah blah, wah wah I know. Quit whinging. My surprise is less the specific I am in pain right now as much as the general how bad wrists can hurt whinge. Ask Darth Tubbs. When I broke my collarbone in PDog v. Rabbit (tm) my wrist was sore long after my collarbone healed up. Honestly it took about a year for it to stop hurting.

Oh the human body is a fragile thing.

Southern NV got cancelled. Bummerness. Looks like VoS or 3 days of racing in CA will be our season starter.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Since most people seem genuinely concerned about my healt, yes I am fine. Stiff neck and my wrist hurts if I ride the trainer for more than 10 minutes but I'll live.

As for what my previous post had to do with my injuries.. what does anything I post have to do with anything?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feeling Better

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring, ney, the tidal wave of concern for my health. It made me tear up. Or would of if I had feelings. Which I don't. Cause I am tough. RRrrrrr.

The wife demanded I go to the ER but I said no. I hate hospitals. But I know this guy down the street who knows stuff about fixin' broken people up real good.

Anyway, he is making me wear this black suit until I heal up. Man the itching is killing me. To repay him he asked me to watch his place while he is out. Here's a video of me. As you can see, I am feeling better.

Damnit.. I hope he has some more bandages.

Well, I am in better shape than the prospects of this new fangled gadget.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I wonder what will happen if I run out my front door in the ice and snow? Look! I go flying down the cement steps. Check it out.. I bounce up and down as I hit each step. Yes, if I scream in pain the neighbors will come to see what happened. Wow, standing up kind of hurts now. Yes DHL person, that did look painful. Oh, wow, I can't close my hand. What? No I'll be fine. That's just blood and guts from the fall. I am tough. My head? Yah, I think I may have hit it. But I don't need all those IQ points anyway. Wait.. what... it's...Oh god! My wrist! My wrist hurts!!!! I can't ride a bike if my wrist hurts! Call the doctor I need the ER.... oh the humanity.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Upsmanship

It looks like Sideshow Marcroft has a treat coming to him. A custom dyed Hagens-Berman Cat. The first one I did came out Orange (maybe Martin is getting a custom Byrne's Cat!). Who knew that deep yellow is actually orange.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Ohop: Looking good!

The preride of the Ohop course revealed pain and suffering in your future! What you say? That's right. Pain. And Suffering. Yoda would not be pleased. But I ain't Yoda.

The course, which is meant as an homage to Omloop Het Volk, is more cobble-like. The rains have levelled the course and there are significantly fewer potholes. So you can take a bad line and power it.

The big obstacle I forsee is the dirt section right after the small stream. As riders know, a small stream maybe 1/2 inch deep by 3 inches wide runs over the course. It is no issue, but about 2 feet past is a section of dirt which is not the course type the rest of the course is made of. It looks to me like this could get muddy.

The Muur will still be the decider. Ouch, it will hurt.

And no one won, it was just a pre-ride. Shut up Eric!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Ohop PreRide

Meet at the course 10:45-50. Ride starts at 11am. Meet at UZoka 9am to carpool.

Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Seattle. Take I-5 to exit #127. Take exit #127 onto WA-512 EAST toward PUYALLUP/S TACOMA WAY - go 2.4 miles. Take the PACIFIC AVE exit toward SPANAWAY/PARKLAND - go 0.3 miles. Turn R on PACIFIC AVE S [WA-7] - go 5.1 miles. Bear L to follow WA-7 SOUTH - go 18 miles to Mashel Prairie Rd. Take R (there will be a sign). Registration will be on right.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


**Chicago-based team adds firepower for sophomore season

*For Immediate Release
January 3, 2007
Contact: Eric Goodwin - Managing Director, Team Clif Bar Midwest *

*Chicago, Ill.* – With the 2007 cycling season on the near horizon, Team
Clif Bar Midwest is proud to announce the roster and sponsor lineup that
will carry the elite, Chicago-based program into its second year. On the
heels of a successful introductory season, Team Clif Bar Midwest will again
center its attention on the highly-competitive road cycling circuit in the
Central Midwest. The program will also continue to uphold and expand the
community and environmental initiatives inspired by its title sponsor, Clif
Bar & Co., including park clean-up events and a campaign to offset
vehicle-emissions with wind energy.

The squad's roster will include 11 athletes, all of whom hail from
Chicagoland. New for 2007, Team Clif Bar Midwest will field competitors at
the USCF Category 2 level, while still maintaining a deep roster of Category
3 athletes. Headlining the list of returning riders is Chicago's Andy Daley,
winner of the 2006 Parkside Fall Fling Category 1/2/3 Criterium, as well as
the 2006 Grayslake and Downers Grove Category 3 Criteriums. Also making the
jump to Category 2 is Matt Welch, winner of the 2006 Elgin Cycling Classic
Category 3 Criterium and runner-up at the Grayslake event. Joining Daley and
Welch at the Category 2 level are new additions Brady Gibney and Cesar
Correa, both of whom rode under the Endeavor flag in 2006.

Seven Category 3 riders will roll to the start line for Team Clif Bar
Midwest this spring, including newcomer Jason Knauff, who raced for several
seasons with the Boston-based Essex Velo Club. Among the Category 3
returnees to the Clif Bar lineup is 18-year-old Matt Novak, presently a
freshman at the University of Arizona. Novak captured the 2006 Illinois
Junior State Championships in both the road race and criterium before
chalking up another state title at the Arizona U-23 Time Trial Championship.
Also returning are Brian Boyle, a senior at Colorado College and the winner
of Chicago's 2006 Sherman Park Category 3/4 Criterium, and Jason Mindeman,
runner-up at the Monsters of the Midway and UW-Whitewater (Wis.) Criterium
races. Rounding out the ranks in Category 3 are Julian Baumgartner, manager
of the team's website and creative affairs, Clif Bar liaison Joel Feinberg
and managing director Eric Goodwin.

With 16 victories and over 30 podium finishes in its inaugural season, Team
Clif Bar Midwest's rapid rise to respectability did not go unnoticed by its
sponsor family. Clif Bar & Co. announced in the fall that it would continue
title sponsorship of the program through the 2008 season. Founding sponsors
Whole Foods Market and Chicago's On the Route bike shop followed suit and
re-signed for the upcoming campaign, as did equipment providers
Saris/Cycle-Ops, Axley Sport Glasses and Orbea Bicycles. The program will
also benefit from multiple new additions to its sponsor lineup. National
restaurant chain Dave & Buster's, which has two Illinois locations and over
40 locations nationwide, has taken on a prominent support role for 2007. On
the equipment front, Chicago-based SRAM has tabbed Team Clif Bar Midwest for
its grassroots sponsorship program, allowing the team to utilize SRAM's
recently-introduced Force and Rival road components. Further equipment
support will come from first-year sponsor Ritchey Design, based in San
Carlos, Calif.

To learn more about Clif Bar & Co., its products and the campaign to "Start
Global Cooling," visit For more information regarding Team
Clif Bar Midwest, visit

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Washington Cup

Since I keep getting asked about the Washington Cup:

Race PR – 2007 Washington Cup Announcement

January 2nd, 2007
From Michael Pruitt
Contact -
Washington Cup announced for 2007
Seattle, WA, USA (January 2, 2007) – The Washington Cup is a Cat 1-2 Mens, Cat 1-2-3 Womens and Master A* road race series including 9 of the hardest “classics” in Washington cycling. The goal of the series is to promote road racing in Washington State, raise the level of competition for each race and crown the best “classics” rider in the State. The Washington Cup champions will also receive a leader’s jersey and the Washington Cup Trophy.
2007 Washington Cup Schedule
Round 1: Feb 24th - Ronde Ohop – Eatonville, WA
Round 2: Mar 11th – Sequim Road Race #1 – Sequim, WA
Round 3: Mar 18th – Market Street Road Race – Enumclaw, WA
Round 4: Mar 24th – Independence Valley RR – Rochester, WA
Round 5: March 31st - North Shore Circuit Race – Bellingham, WA
Round 6: April 7th – Rainier Roubaix - Lacey, WA
Round 7: April 15th - Tahuya–Seabeck-Tahuya – Tahuya, WA* no masters round
Round 8: Apr 28th - Vance Creek RR – Elma, WA
Round 9: June 3rd – Ravensdale-4Corners – Enumclaw, WA