Thursday, July 21, 2016

#‎0of30‬ Volume 12 Issue 5: Riders to Watch

The 2nd Annual Buckley Slough Kermesse is Sunday July 24th. As you get ready to line up for 30 miles of suffering here are the top 3 riders to watch of the confirmed start list.
1. Ludo Max, current Cascadia Gravel Champion. Max has proven to be a gritty rider. Generally favoring a road bike laced up with Gatorskins his specialty has been to weather the attacks thrown down by riders using gravel-specific set-up and then take advantage of the extra speed his ride gives him in the last few laps.
2. Michael Brazel, current King off Sectors and 2013 Series Champion.Brazel is an aggressive rider who can sit in for the win but is more happy throwing a grenade into the field and seeing what shakes out. He will be rocking the red jersey of the current leader of the King of Sectors, our version of the most aggressive rider competition.
3. Alfredo Ramirez, current series leader. Ramirez is riding for the series win and he isn't afraid to let current series champion Pruitt know it. He has already provided the promoter with his jersey measurements and is racing to win. So far he's taken advantage of his superior sprinting ability to take points in every race.
Keep and eye out for these riders -- you probably don't want them in your group when you're coming into the finish.

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