Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Anniversary

It's the day I get to thank Mrs. PDog for being Mrs. PDog.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thinking of you

Here's a great gift idea for next year.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

You're On Your Own

It's the holidays. That means seasonal depression and eggnog spiked with rum. On the plus side you'll have my blog to read. Oh wait, no you won't. Cause I will be enjoying Christmas with the family!

So, just in case you are all alone in your 1 bedroom apartment bored stiff and staring at the liquer cabinet I give you at least 20 minutes of really wierd reading to distract you. It's ok. I've been there.

Mrs. PDog's Christmas Present (don't click honey!)
What I am reading.
What I should be reading.
What you should be reading.
Especially if you are going to argue with PStache.

And now chew on this. We are going to pre-ride Ohop on January 6th. If interested let me know. We'll probably do 2 easy laps of the course to get people used to the ride. Then we'll ride the proposed 4 mile paved start, then do 8-10 laps hot baby.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Week-end Cycling Blog Round-up NW Edition

Time for another week-end (well almost) NW Cycling Blog round up. The blog entry were I tell you what's going on in the NW Blogosphere so you don't have to waste energy hitting the button thingies on your keyboard.

PDug - My baby is cute. Buy my stuff. I hate WADA. But I ain't saying cyclists are clean. See, I am fair minded. BUY MY STUFF.
Martha - Whereas you have to buy PruDog's love, mine is free and comes with a hand knit cap.
Old As Dirt - Why are all these cyclist guys coming over to visit my wife? Maybe it's cause I am getting fat...
CConville - PDOg sucks... oh wait that's not right.. I like food, but ride my bike at 5:30 in the morning Biznatches.
PStache - My Cat is mean and I can't spell either.
El Gato - I started my blog so that I could see how long I can go between posts.
Stranglator - It's almost Ballard.....
Murdin - The only storm was me hulking out. Don't let WADA know I have been using untested supplements from GNC.
Sideshow - God, you guys are whores. I would never use my blog to push product. Speaking of which aren't my hand built frames the best ever? You should buy one.
Coach Curly - I will kill you where you stand without blinking an eye. Oh and check out this cool video I made of Anton.. I mean Boonen.

Wow. That was quite a trip. Now remember, it's the holidays. A time for gentle reflection and sharing of love. And a great time to buy some stuff.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Language is important

My old boss used to tell me I quibbled with wording too much. My response is that the words we choose carry nuances that are important. Choosing the words we use can help convey information accurately or contribute to flase impressions. For example, it's pretty common for the cycling press to use the word "acquitted" when referring to cyclists involved in Operation Puerto.

2 : to discharge completely (as from an obligation or accusation)

None of them have been acquitted in the meaningful sense of the term because none have formally been charged. They are under investigation by the Spanish authorities and depending on the outcome of the investigation, they may be charged in Spanish Court. If they are convicted, the various cycling federations will be compelled to begin proceedings against them. If they are acquitted by the Spanish court then they will be, well, acquitted. But they have to actually be charged first.

The cycling federations opened investigations into the cyclists, but because they are dependent on the outcome of the as-yet-none-existent court proceeding have "closed" the cases for now.

This is important because no one has as yet proven anything about the Puerto Cyclists either way.

Another misleading term was used recently in the description of the Landaluze descision by
CAS acquits Landaluze on technicality

Well, to their credit acquit was used correctly. The CAS did in fact acquit Landaluze. But, I take issue with the word technicality. In the sense that Landaluze was acquitted based on a procedural error which is technical in nature, yes this is a technicality. But, technicality also implies that the error is of minor importance only to the nitpicky technical guys. This is not true, and misleads us as to the importance of these procedures.

These tests, if they are to be accurately labelled as science, need to follow procedures that eliminate the potential for human error. They either do or they don't. Using the word technicality implies that this is a grey area that's unimportant to the actual validity of the test. In fact, these kind of procedural errors (of which the lab has admitted are pretty commonplace) go to the heart of whether these tests are scientifically valid.

I've heard people argue (including, shockingly some scientists I know) that short-cuts are ok. But, that's also how you end up with an EPO test we now know is unreliable and South Korean Cloning scandals. Again, the procedures are there for a reason.

The bottomline is that, the test Landaluze fails was not valid. Maybe the result was accurate maybe it wasn't. But if the procedures weren't followed then we don't know. The test is literally of no value in determining anything.

My own editorial is that given the history of WADA and the lab, I have to wonder if science is their goal. Afterall, if they can accuse someone of being a cheat knowing that the worst case is that the riders will be acquitted on a "technicality" but their reputation is ruined then Dick's achieved his stated goal.

Bring it: UPMK

It's on.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You have got to be kidding me...

Our website is down along with email. I can't remember getting angry enough to tell someone on the phone to shut-up cause I was done listening and it was time for me to do the talking (I know, you all are thinking but you do that in real life all the time). But I am usually pretty calm and nice over the phone. Joe was proud of me. Anyway, the guy in charge of my domain is in Egypt and apparently no one can do anything without his masterful eye. What a joke.

Anyway, if ya need me in the meantime I can be reached via my lowly hotmail account... axleyusa-at-hotmail-dot-com.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ClifBar Midwest

ClifBar Midwest feeling the Axley love, Raptor style. They are sporting the V-Raptor Silver/Orange.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The ER

Well, we've now made our obligatory 1st trip to the ER with PPuppy 2.0. She caught a cold and despite my best efforts to sooth Mrs. PDog and get them both loaded on Tylenol and Motrin we finally took the munchkin in. So 4 hours later they are doing bloodwork and a spinal tap to make sure it's just a cold and not spinal menegitis or something horrible like that. My cousin had SM when she was a baby and I still remember how shattered my Aunt Merrilee and Uncle Doug were. My house was across the street from Mary Bridge so we were the landing pad for family. She survived but lost her hearing. Anyway, I knew PPuppy 2.0 was just sick with a cold but that small part of you always worries about the worst....

Update: I forgot to add that yes the munchkin is ok.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

PPuppy 2.0

Friday, December 15, 2006


Now, I usually don't brag about my memory. In fact, I've tried to set the bar very low otherwise I might be accountable for cleaning stuff up around the house when asked.

But, I have a very very hard time understanding why no one in the entire freakin' Puget Sound region seems to remember that a) it usually drizzles but b) we get at least one huge rain and wind storm a year. Every year the roads flood, the power goes out and the region shuts down. And every year we act like it's a surprise. How does stuff like this happen? Since we know it is going to happen next year if not again this year let's get the drainage around here fixed. Let's learn not to drive in the middle of the storm and not to go into flooding areas. Let's work on improving the electrical systems. And let's quit panicing after it hits.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Week-end Cycling Blog Round-up NW Edition

I read and summarize the week in NW Cycling Blogs so you don't have to!

PruDogBlog- "Unnuendo wins word of the year! I won something! Yah! Now buy a sweater."
Martha- "Why buy one of PDog's sweaters when I handcraft these cool hats. Oh and none of you can spell."
Stangle-nator-love-erson- "It's Ballard again....."
Craig- "Man I am getting fat".. oh wait he didn't post anything new. Neither did his Cat.
Conville - "I like food"
PStache- "I am only trying to start a discusion. But remember, right or wrong.. I am right and you are wrong"
Virgin - "I'll blog, but only cause you guys make me"
Instapundit via Bloggingheads - "I hate people who make crazed accusation on the internet. Unlike myself, who is very kind. Now I am going to link to a bunch of racists."

Wines of Washington to NWCycling: We are going to Smack You Up

Apparently we are all screwed. UBC (AKA WoW) has a new coaching center.

End of the World

Kenny has his own website. Not a blog, but a real website. Damnit. One upped again.

P-Stache to world: Kneel Before Me

P-Stache wants you to know that wearing helmets is for punks.

Now, I think it's important to point out that studies (none of which I have handy) *do* show that helmets significantly reduce injury for the yutes of the world, I think the number was 16 and under. Maybe that's because they are more likely to fall off on their own and less likely yo ride in traffic.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Todd Herriot Pimpin'

From the nwcycling dlist:

Tyler Farrar, Tales from the ProTour

New Time!! 3:00pm Join us on Saturday, Dec 16th, at 3:00pm (NEW TIME) for a discussion with Washington resident and Cofidis ProTour cyclist, Tyler Farrar. Tyler will be discussing his first year of full-time European competition in the upper tier of cycling. Tyler is highly acclaimed as a top prospect for the future of American cycling. Come join us for a rare chance to listen to his insight into the ProTour.William Pettis and Peter Schmitt will also discuss their practice at the Institute of New Medicine, where they integrate a holistic approach using both Eastern and Western treatments to optimize athletic potential through health and recovery. They have had recent success with US National champion George Hincapie and Olympian Ryder Hesjedal.The cost is $20 per person with all proceeds donated to the Diabetes and Wellness Foundation on behalf of Lake Washington Velo. The discussion will last approximately one hour, with a question and answer forum to follow. Snacks and beverages will be provided by pastry chef, Dana Cree.To register: is limited, so don't delay.

Grand Opening of Herriott Sports Performance!

Herriott Sports Performance is Seattle's new state-of-the-art cycling performance center. Encompassing all your training needs under one roof, Herriot Sports Performance offers cycling coaching, strength and conditioning, physical therapy, bike fitting, scientific physiology testing (lactate testing, VO2, anaerobic and aerobic Thresholds), wingate max power testing, and much more! Please call or email with any questions about our services.Conveniently located between pioneer square and Seattle's waterfront, Herriott Sports Performance is housed within the Institute of New Medicine, in the Maritime building at 911 Western Ave. Integrating the strengths of both Eastern and Western medical philosophy, The Institute of New Medicine strives to advanced natural medicine. Utilizing advanced cutting edge diagnostics, complementary therapies, proven protocols and sophisticated healing skills, iNewMed is pioneering the field of modern healthcare. The staff at iNewMed is committed to providing superior, personalized patient care and management.

About the staff at Herriott Sports Performance

Todd Herriott recently retired from Professional road cycling where he spent the past 5 years competing on the Colavita and Health Net teams. Todd is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Prior to moving to Seatttle, Todd previously had a private strength and conditioning studio in New York City. Todd has long been an advocate of core training, innovative strength and conditioning training, and power-based cycling training.Russell Cree has over 12 years experience as a competitive cyclist, in road cycling, mt biking, cyclocross, and track cycling. He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Chemistry from Northern Arizona University, a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Wisconsin, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University. Russell is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). His focus is rehabilitation and injury prevention of endurance athletes, biomechanics, scientific exercise physiology testing, core stability training, bike fitting/cyclist positioning, neuromuscular training of pedaling, and coaching all levels of cyclists. • Herriott Sports Performance

Andrew suggests the time change may be to avoid embarrasing conflicts with the famous Axley Party / Rager.

Unnuendo: My Word

Thanks. I think. Now that have my own word and therefore am now equal to Steven Colbert I'd like to thank you, the little people for making it possible.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Axley Wool Sweaters

Makes even the crankiest person look good.

And perfect for any setting.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Flogging a dead horse

At the risk of turning into World Cycling Production (which seems to send me a new item or sale notice every 10 minutes) I want to bang the Axley Wool Trainer drum. They landed on my doorstep Wednesday and they are hot. I was selling them at $69.99 for a pre-order but because some of our athletes didn't know I am extending out to Sunday. Anyway, they do look really really nice. The website picture doesn't do them justice. So go to the store and buy one before they go retail on you or we run out of sizes. The MSRP is going to be $119.99 or so. These bad boys are super high quality. Full zip, wool. Medium thickness. Nice white sleeve piping. A big honkin' Axley logo. Love it. Great for lounging before or after the race, for hanging at the ski lodge or for impressing Mrs. PDog.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Ride Local

Don't take it personally. I am moving the Axley Factory ride to Peet's on Greenlake. 9am Saturday and Sunday. Why? Well #1 the line at Zoka is just too much for my 5 year old-like mind to manage. #2, well everyone meets there. It's madness. I need space! Show up or this guy will come after you.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Go race Ohop.

If you don't do my race then this guy will show up at your door. You've been warned.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I feel

I am so happy I could take my shirt off. 7 hours on the bike this weekend. Cold yes. Fun. Oh yah. And if that didn't rock, I get to come home to this little cutie. Sweet.