Monday, October 16, 2006

Old as Dirt: The New PDog?

Old as Dirt is having a hard time at cross. Few people remember I raced a full cross season back 19.. er.. 9.. something. Anyway, I actually did. And I wasn't your average roadie. I came ready to play baby. I got me a high end frame (brand escapes me now) with some very kick-ass features: a softride suspension stem just like Ballerini taught me and 170 cranks for clearance (I normally ride 172.5). I actually spent a month at Greenlake practicing my dismounts and remounts (a skill I now use to impress Mrs. Pdog). And for all that I think I actually finished last in every cross race I did. Except for the South SeaTac race I flipped and landed on my head. That one I DNF'd. And my ex lost my keys in the field. So overall, not a great experience. So keep your head up Dirt, it'll put hair on your chest and make you PDog like. Which, of course, may be scary enough to make you quit cycling altogether.


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