Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kermesse cause I care

The thing is,Kermesse racing is fun. And, if no one shows up, I can pad my win total and be the #1 ranked USACycling rider in WA again. Yah, look that up. It was excellent. Don't hate the player hate the game.

Anyway, I am busy at work getting the Kermesse races for February dialed. Permits are a challenge because of the short turn-around between the calendar meeting and the race mixed with holidays and trying to train some of my family so that, long term, you guys aren't dependent of Pru-HasAJob.

Also, too, Ian Tubbs sucks. I still like Lang a little but be careful Reynolds. I am a fickle PruDog and may easily hate you too. Of course, that would mean I'd love Tubbs again because I can only hate one person at a time.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shut up, that's why!

Yes it's true! I am promoting two Kermesses in February (not to be confused with the 2012 Keller Rohorback Road Race also in February but without any dirt). More details to come -- just waiting to wind through the new, improved USACycling permit system. These races are the first to snap to the new system that assigns WSBA/USACycling points all recognized categories regardless of whether that Category is it's own field -- not that different from how we did the WA Cup series in 2011.

Also, too, dirt! The these will have more dirt and I am recommending big big tires! Maybe a cyclocross bike -- but like the other Kermesses these aren't technical courses.

Finally, why February?? Well because turnout drops in summer. It just does. And I have you know, a job and summer is my busy time. So, if you want more summer races -- promote them.

Actually, don't. One thing that worked well last year was having one race a weekend. It made that race viable instead of splitting the market.

Monday, December 12, 2011

All I Do is Win

Memo to David Fleischhauer: just cause you can crash someone out going up Norway doesn't mean you should.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mashel Nisqually Kermesse

Updated 18JAN12: USACycling has the Mashel Nisqually race info & registration page live now. Find it here. One note, as of today the link on the flier goes to the Andy Salmon course. This is incorrect; the two races both use Detente (Easy), Suffering (Moderate) and Mur de Mashel (Difficult) but Mashel includes an additional section of paved roads for a total of 1.7 mile paved. You can see the course here. We've submitted the correction to USACycling so hopefully this will be updated soon.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Andy Salmon Kermesse Blog

Update January 17th 2012 registration is online. Finally. So a couple questions have popped up. One is the usual "what bike should I ride".. as a commenter said the key isn't the bike it's the tires. I'd use whichever bike lets you run a 25-28c tire. This isn't technical so solid road tires are recommended.

As for the combined start for the first race -- it's really hard to predict demand for a February race and the big expenses (Officials, timing and wheel support) need to be planned ahead of time. Without data we planned for minimum turnout. If the field fills up we will stagger start times.

Also, for upgrade points you need to finish races not just start them.

Updated January 1st 2012

Ok here is the info on the Andy Salmon Production's Andy Salmon Kermesse p/b Andy Salmon:

Where: Mashel-Nisqually State Park near Eatonville, WA

Categories: There will be two categories: A Mens race and a Womens race. Both races will start together and complete approx 25 miles. Prizes will be 20% of entry and go 6 deep for both the Mens and Womens' race. Start time, entry fee, Distance, prize depth, prize list and field size requirements are based on the Category each rider falls under.

WSBA & USACycling points: In order to recieve WSBA and USACycling points riders must register for one of the sub-categories available in their race. This will be done at registration. WSBA & USACycling points will be based on each rider’s finish within this sub-category relative to other riders in their sub-category.

Registration & Surcharges: Online at (has not opened yet; we will pot an update once it does) or day of at the Mashel Loop. Registration closes 20 minutes before the start of each event. The entry fee includes $3 per rider per day for USA Cycling insurance. A current year USA Cycling Rider Waiver and Release form must be signed by the participant and, if under 18, by the parent or legal guardian.

License: To enter any race for Men Cat 4 and above or Women Cat 3 and above a USAC annual license must be presented. Purchase online at (not for sale at the race). All beginners (Cat 5 Men, Cat 4 Women) may race on one-day license. No exceptions. OBRA riders of any category other than Beginner must present a valid USAC license. Foreign riders must purchase one-day license or present proof of out-of-country insurance. One-day licenses are $10, available at the race.

Numbers & Placement: WSBA numbers will be used. The officials request that both bib numbers be clearly visible placed parallel with your jersey’s side seam on the back and above the pockets. Frame number should be attached per WSBA instructions. Examples of proper placement: Rental numbers are available for a $10 fee ($5 refundable). For out-of-state riders a $5 number refundable deposit will be assessed.

Course description: Race starts at Mashel Loop field. Races will cover 7-10 clockwise laps of the Mashel-Nisqually loop (the Mashel-Nisqually Loop is 1 mile road, 2 mile dirt). Course map & profiles can be found at

Wheel Support: Neutral wheel support will be provided. In addition to two neutral wheel pits, there will be two additional wheels in/wheels out pits on the course for a total of three wheel pits on the Mashel Loop. The organizer is not responsible for wheels or equipment left at the race.

Results: Results will be posted at registration. Results become final 15 minutes after posting. Questions concerning results should be directed to the Chief Judge at the Finish line.

Directions to Start: Parking will be at the Nisqually- Mashel State Park on the right under the power lines. From North or South on I-5 Take exit 127. Drive east on Hwy 512 for two miles, then take the Pacific Ave./Mt. Rainier exit south. Follow Pacific Ave. about five miles to where the road splits in a "Y." Follow signs for Mt. Rainier (the left branch of the fork) taking Hwy 7 south. Drive about 17 miles, passing Ohop Valley Rd. At the top of the long sweeping hill turn right onto the Mashel Prairie Road on the right side. Go about ¾ of a mile and park on the right side under the power lines

Online Flier: Here

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Friday, December 09, 2011

You Need Me on this Digital Wall

Ok ok ok. I get it. Without the crisp word salad of the PruDog combined with his insightful jabs at Old Town Bicycles cycling in the Northwest just isn't fun. Frankly I don't care except you selfish jackals won't stop filling up my inbox with your (poorly written) demands that I return to regular blogging.

Well damnit if that's the way it has to be then I am back.

You'll be sorry!