Monday, February 12, 2007

What the Deuce?

"Good luck. Remember, Arizona is just a training race"

Screw that. I am gonna win. Oh yah.

Meanwhile Tom Danielson decided to pick on a bunch of poor local guys. I was less interested in that than is seeing the Mark Santurbane, of Bob's Bicycles, got 2nd in the TT behind him. Way to go Mark.

Elite Men
1. Tom Danielson, Discovery Channel, 0:36:10
2. Mark Santurbane, Team, 0:40:39
3. Drew Miller, Landis/Trek VW, 0:41:22
4. Joshua Liberles, Colavita New Mexico, 0:42:27
5. Joshua Bartlett, Noreast Cycling, 0:45:35


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