Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Axley Nordic Team: Here to take names and drink cocoa

Mmmmm. Pie. I love Pie. But you are here to read about our Nordic Team. That's right, Axley USA has a kick ass Nordic Team. Who's on it you ask? Let's see, we got:

Ronnie Schmeer
Alex Gardner
Craig Hetherington
Geoffrey Crofoot
Joe Holmes
Gary Brown
Rick Knowles

You'll notice all 7 are cyclists, but ony 2 ride for me. That's cause I am all about spreading the love.

Axley Italy started in the snow side of the world, so in a wierd way this will be back to our roots. We even went out and got some skin-tight nordic kit to show off Gary's Package (tm). That's right ladies, it's all natural. But he's taken so you might want to try your luck with Hethering-bone.

Sadly, doubt I'll be able to make even a single race to check out. I've never done Nordic, and am a horrible alpine skier. PruPuppy is quite good though and I am sure will pay for the PruFamily retirement with his fat multi-sport endorsement contracts.


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