Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sonic Cyclocross Update

Sweet Bandits!

From the Sonic Cyclocross PR Desk:

This weekend was quite good to The Sonic Cyclocross Team.
We won 6 races and had a 3rd to boot.
In the win column:
-Matt Shriver out foxed both Todd and troy Wells to win the Colorado State championship
-Cara McCauley from our sister team, Cherwine, won the North Carolina State Championships and she won the day before at the Race the train Cross race in North Carolina
- Andy applegate won the, Race the train Cross race and was 3rd in the North Carolina Cross Championships
- Hollie McGovern won the 8th round of the Sacramento Cyclocross series at Rancho Seco
- Chris McGovern Won the at Rancho Seco as well.


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