Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Fondo Paradise

Update 8/3: So our online flyer was an unintended victim of USACycling's recent website redesign. Basically PDF or Word flyers survived. Ones (Like Gran Fondo Paradise) that used USACYcling's online form died a horrible death.

So yes registration is still open. Closes Thursday at 10pm CST. Links below.

If we need to move start to MR field I will email a preregged riders and post on the blog. The directions to MIR Field: the field is located at 42515 72nd Avenue Court East Eatonville WA 98328. Parking and start are at the Mashel-Nisqually field as originally planned.

Directions to the Mashel-Nisqually Park field:

Parking will be at the Nisqually- Mashel State Park on the right under the power lines. From North or South on I-5 Take exit 127. Drive east on Hwy 512 for two miles, then take the Pacific Ave./Mt. Rainier exit south. Follow Pacific Ave. about five miles to where the road splits in a "Y." Follow signs for Mt. Rainier (the left branch of the fork) taking Hwy 7 south. Drive about 17 miles, passing Ohop Valley Rd. At the top of the long sweeping hill turn right onto the Mashel Prairie Road on the right side. Go about ¾ of a mile and park on the right side under the power lines.


7300 Mashel Prairie Road, Eatonville, WA 98328 (or if that doesn't work just try anything on Mashel Prairie road).

Update 7/12: Here's the online registration link:

We need you to preregister to ride. The online system requires you to log into your USACycling account before it will take you to registration. We will use WSBA Numbers to keep track of you.

Update 7/5: Here's the Flier. Start will be at the Mashel-Nisqually field (the same as Ronde Ohop). I am asking (no begging) everyone to pre-reg. The $15 is to cover the permit and gas for the support vehicle. The pre-reg link will be up once I get it from USACycling.

Original PostDon't tell Erik Scheller, but Glenwood is cancelled this year (don't worry, it will return in 2012). To replace it we'll be putting on the Gran Fondo Paradise. Why a Grand Fondo? Because that's what the permit called it and the other option was "Fun Ride" and there is no way I am putting on anything fun. There must be pain and suffering or I am out.

The format: A Mass Start at MIR Field in the Ohop Valley. Start at 9am. First one to crosswalk right where the Old Visitor Center used to be "wins". This will effectively be a gentlemans race. There will be some form of support (working on it) and the winner will be showered with love and envy. Rules of the road will be in effect and getting through the park entrance legally will be part of the challenge.

So watch this space for more details as they get posted, probably this week.


At Saturday, June 25, 2011 8:15:00 PM, Blogger justfivegrins said...

Glenwood RR to return in '12? Is that because the County furlough's end then or they get a formalized permit process?


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