Thursday, June 09, 2011

NW Masters (35+) Power Rankings

Once again it's time for some Northwest Power rankings. Because, of course, we all need to know who the best is. As always KR Masters is not ranked cause, well, we all know we're the best and I don't want you guys to feel let down losing every month to us in the Rankings.

1. Anthony Weiner. Yah, that's right. Anthong M<&^$###%*ing Weiner. No, he doesn't race Masters. And yes, he actually hates cyclists and is an opponent of bike lanes. On the otherhand have you seen this guys junk?????? We can pretend to be shocked all we want but, frankly, if I had that guys.. er... gifts.. I'd probably be texting, twittering, blogging, facebooking, etc to all of you every 5 minutes.

2. Garage Racing. After that savvy lame win at Ravensdale were you slipped off the front and beat us I am not talking to you guys anymore. Except maybe Nicos. Or Hills. Ok, I'll talk to Matt too. And also Murdin. So, now that I think about I will talk to you but I am still bitter and angry. Unless you bring me pie! Then I will be happy. So when do I get my pie. Also, too, Nicos Finger-fate incedent was obviously a way to fly under the radar while he honed his break-away form and three-up sprint move. Pro-tip: Nico is pretty fast from the break!

3. Andrew Martin. Andrew Martin is strong. And he hates you. And in a major departure from his normal, self-depracating approach, has decided to let us all know we suck. I suggest you guys mark him out. For the rest of his life. Pay no attention to the green guys moving up the left.....

4. Farestart & SCC/SBUX. A gave these guys a tie cause both are riding strong, and have been coming in with solid results.

5. Audi. Where did you guys go Mr. Hall?

6. Flynn's Jeans. There's a huge drop off to Jim's Jeans. Man these things suck. The Lonely Island sums up my feelings about those jeans.


At Monday, June 13, 2011 12:48:00 PM, Anonymous David said...

Doesn't look like you need pie after seeing the Paradise photo. Rice cake instead?


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