Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sex Scandals: Not Just Weiner's Junk Anymore

The Onion has broken the latest sex scandal in DC. This is some sick s&^t right here. But while my cold, unfeeling, souless self may take great amusement in the tragedy of others I must remind everyone that it's unfair to judge others because man-horse relationships skeeve us out. It's the hypocricy not the sex damnit!

Anti-Gay Senator's Horse Affair Caught On Tape

Update: This one's moving fast with the Senator giving a press conference.

Live: Senator Addresses Rumors Of Horse Affair

Update 2: on a slightly more serious note I will admit to being completely sucked into the whole torid Weiner saga. But, when I read self righteous statements about how Weiner must resign and what a jerk he is for dragging his wife into this scandal I can't help but think.. if anyone is a jerk for dragging his wife through hell it's not Weiner it's the writer of th article for involving her and us for reading it.

Look, we don't know what deal Weiner and his wife have and it's none of our business. It's not how I conduct my personal life but last time but that's ok cause it's not my personal life. So let's not pretend that it's him that's the problem and not our own inability to pry into other peoples secrets.


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