Monday, March 14, 2011

Ask a new Cat 2 Cyclist

PruPuppy 2.0 is sick so I don't have time to feed your hunger for the funny today. Luckily Karl "Hungus" Cunningham has agreed to answer questions from the mailbag.

Dear Karl,

Congrats on moving up to Cat 2 last year. I know that your first fill 1/2 season will be awesome. Anyway, as a new Cat 2 myself I was wondering if you could give me some nutritional advise? I used to read this blog back when it was good, you know, before PDog went all 9/11 Truther on us and starting pontificating on politics. Anyway I thought he was serious about eating pie all the time and now I am fat and slow.

-R. Dude

RDude! Thanks for writing in. I am so excited to be part of the team now and helping PruDog by answering questions. Can I get you a water bottle? Anything? I have an inside track on seatposts if you need a deal. Anything man! I am just so jazzed to be in the show that I can't contain myself.


I hate you guys. Racing here used to be fun until you all decided to show up at Seward and just be complete assholes by attacking the crap out of it from the gun and then marking me out. Lame. I mean, I know it's bike racing and I used to do that back in my hey day when I was the big boy. But come one.

-MTB are Cooler, Seattle

Hey MTB R Cooler,

Yah, man it is so cool the way my team just goes and goes. I remember thinking: I've graduated from High School to College when I joined the green machine. And then Ronnie said "Hey, this isn't freshman English.. this is your senior thesis! Get going or I'll eat out your heart and feed it to my cat". Wow, that was like, just incredibly motivational and I thought "I am so excited to be on this team".


What the hell is up with the white sleeves, tights and no booties? So Cat 4 man. Sad.


Hey PryDawg! Good, I am just so excited to be on the team that I forgot to bring all my kit. I mean, it's just so great to be racing with you guys and I really really love the team.

.. Ok! I think I just puked in my mouth a little there. Thank, I guess, to Karl for covering for me with those.. well answers. Keep the questions coming folks! I am sure we'll get plenty of exciting guests to answer your racing queries.


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