Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Me Too

In case you don't pay attention to New York news bike lanes have become a hot topic among the crop of mayoral candidates, including supposed good guy Rep. Anthony Weiner. Apparently being anti-cyclist and capping on bike lanes is a good way to establish your candidacy.

Anyway, Duncan Black (AKA Atrios and an actual economist to boot!) makes some a couple good points, both of which sum up my reaction to the anti-bike idiots.

1. Cyclists improve your commute
2. Unlimited roads and free parking are not Free Market outcomes.

Of course, neither of these arguments hold much weight with the people who hate cyclists because there anger isn't really about cycling. It's about them wanting to get special benefits (free parking, no traffic jams) without paying for them and projecting their anger onto others. They hate other drivers too, it's just harder for them to find a easy way to identify everyone else as "other".


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