Thursday, March 03, 2011

All get our tablets on

I started out as a tablet skeptic but have completely changed my tune. I firmly believe that the tablet will be a game changer. Or, more accurately, the pairing of the tablet and cloud-type applications and services are going to finally take the thin/thick client paradigm and make it usable.

If you are thinking of getting a tablet let me suggest doing it. Right now. But, keep in mind it won't replace your PC or Mac. Rather, the optimal use is to load minimal apps and data onto the tablet. Rather, set-up a home network and use the tablet as a device to connect to your network. Read books. Watch TV.

I've been using a table for work (accessing our docs and email over the web) and it's working really well. It's not perfect. But the trade-offs are worth it. It'smore portable than a laptop and doesn't have that barrier between myself and clients known as the monitor.

Which tablet to get? My advice is the iPad or the ExoPC Slate. So far the other tablets just look like scaled up PDAs and you do need a decent screen to use it. I wouldn't worry about who's going to win the tablet war. That's a few years away by which time your current tablet will be a paperweight anyway. And since your using it as a terminal it's not like you have to transfer that much data from one platform to another.


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