Friday, June 16, 2006

Even more Tax Policy Linkin'

Today is a long day so no original bloggin' for me. Instead I offer a link to a great article by economist Paul Krugman about Tax policy, the real arguments and the phony ones.

Since I am sure I have some conservative readers who might start howling that Krugman is a partisan democrat shilling the Democrat Party line let me offer his defence

My point is not to convince you Krugman is right. He is an unabashed liberal. However, he is a liberal economist. By that I mean he may have a particular slant on what our policy goals should be, but he is also committed to honestly examining the issues. I have read and followed Krugman's work since the 90's when he pissed off many lefty-activists by pointing out how many of their well meaning policy prescriptions actually had disasterous consequences.

Also, if you go read a lot of what Krugman has written over the last 20 years you'll find he has a pretty good track record. He's usually right, and when he's not it's usually an issue of degrees.


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