Thursday, June 08, 2006

PR Post Race, Estate Tax & The PDog ER

OK so I never gave a PR post-race. Frankly, it's hard to pay attention to the race when your heart-rate is pegged at 215 going up the climb. I blame Tubbs. All I remember is thinking "don't attack on the first lap" and then bridging across to someone on the first lap.

I thought that might end up being the start of the winning break. It looked good. Guys were trying to bridge across and the gap was holding. But then Stangeland bridged up to us and proceeded to attack. The next thing I knew all hell broke loose and the race was running full bore all night long.

I also remember attacking up the left at the top of the climb only to see Stangeland attack too... twice as fast and way better. I sat up. Maybe even whimpered. I hope no one heard that...

In the finish I was 134,976,109 riders back. But s
o was Gary so I told him to grab on and took him up to about 109,875,876 riders back. Amazingly this was enough for him to vault to second. Sadly, Andrew apparently was on Gary's wheel and got 1st.

Now, I know a bunch of you rode super hard. But again, at 215 it's hard to pay attention to anything but the wheel in front of me.

But it was a good time. I'd prefer to be attacking but in the end if the race is so hard I can't, then it was hard for everyone and a good day on the bike.

Estate Tax
Here's a link to someone who is a real economist discussing the estate tax. It's the hot topic right now. I've heard a lot of people bitchin' and moanin' about it (amazingly, most of the moaning is by people who aren't affected by the estate tax). But very few actually understand what the estate tax actually is and why we have it. There are real arguments on both sides. But they aren't the ones that are being pushed.

If none of you see me in the next few days it may be because I am vending at Big Bear. That's right PDog has bills to pay (you think getting Serpentor to answer your emails is cheap????). Or it may be because I've entered a hermetically sealed room to protect myself against the recent rashes of injuried to beset Chateaux PDog. Mrs. PDog called to tell me her teeth fell out on the flight to CA. OK, a filling in one tooth fell out. Then Mini-PDog's school called to tell me he ran into a cubby and lost his ear. OK, maybe just a small chunk that will grow back. But still, PDog sees the writting on the wall and has no intention of being the next victim of this secret campaign to remove body parts.

Racing Time Again
Looks like I'll be back in action at the Tour De Nez. 2 NRC crits. Greeeeaaaaatt. Maybe I'll see if I can hit 220 on the HRM.


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