Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Business Model: All Dope, All The Time

Well, i guess now I know how to make money on the internet. All Dope News, All The Time.

My last post generated a ton of email. Pretty much everyone thinks Lance is guilty of doping. I think that misses my point. My post isn't about Lance's guilt or innocence. It's about WADA.

Vrijman's report confirms that the tests conducted on Lance's blood have not been scientifically validated. The results of these tests do not confirm or deny that Lance (or anyone) doped. It's important to note, as I keep doing, that WADA doesn't actually deny this. Instead, they make a lot of loud noises about how the tests are based on proven techniques that have been validated, how the researchers are respected in their fields, how the tests results have been published in the magazine or that. None of which validates the tests they use.

This means that WADA really has no more proof that Lance, or any rider, is guilty than you or I do. I am sure they believe that Lance (and all the other riders they accuse) is guilty. But believing something and being able to prove it are 2 different things. And I take great offense to WADA pretending that they can prove anything.

My aversion to this is probably deeply affected by my own experience. When I was in college I was arrested for shoplifting. I had run into some fellow students that a store had said hello and then continued shopping. Apparently one of those students had stolen something. And apparently the security guards thought I was part of some scheme. So the arrested me. When I pointed out that I had nothing stolen on me they magically produced a coat they had "found" on my person.

I have absolutely no doubt that the guards thought I was part of some shoplifting ring. I was wearing a UPS shirt and it was pretty clear from their venom that they held a lot of resentment for UPS students in general. And it was probably deserved. A lot of students did steal stuff.

But I didn't. Yet I have a shoplifting conviction on my record because some guard was so convinced I was guilty that they thought it was ok to cheat and plant evidence on me.

That's what WADA is doing. It's planting evidence to support what is, at the end of the day, an unprovable belief that a rider is guilty.


At Monday, June 05, 2006 5:44:00 PM, Anonymous Jon Ryan said...

I design diagnostics like the French EPO test for a living. I've read their manuscripts and find their techniques and results less then convincing. Their data would have not been accepted in any reputable peer reviewed publication.

If WADA and these labs were held to the same standards as the medical community and the companies were who produced medical diagnostic tests I firmly believe there would be no EPO test and no homologous blood transfusion test because they would be sued to the moon.

I do not condone doping in the slightest, but I also think it's hypocrital of a society that is addicted to better living through chemistry to put such incredible constraints on the way athletes live their lives, as well as call them cheaters and liers when there is no concrete proof that they did anything wrong. Why can't a bobsledder take Rogain to keep his hair from falling out? Do bobsledders really need a masking agent for steroids that wouldn't even benefit them?


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