Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I wanted to take a moment from my relentless bitching to say that I am proud of the reaction to Kenny Williams decision to race Seward Park last Thursday while serving a two-year suspension for using an Anabolic Agent (AKA Steroids).

Opinions varied about whether we should invest time into the issue, how to reacte, etc. I believe we can all have good faith differences of opinion. Ultimately, however, we owe Kenny nothing. He broke trust with us and it's incumbent on him to make amends not the other way around. Maybe that sucks, but that's why you aren't supposed to break the rules. Because doing so has bad outcomes.

It's hard to stand up and say "no!" in situations like this; there is a lot of social pressure to keep quiet because you aren't sure what others will think (that's different from honestly differing on how to handle the situation) of you. AS a community that didn't happen. People voiced opinions (even if the opinion was I think you're wrong).

Good work.


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