Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ronde Ohop Team Prize

In an extremely cheap and blatant attempt to increase pre-registration and stop HSP from dominating the 1-2-3 Ronde Ohop again we've decided to add a new feature to this years Ronde Ohop: a team prize.

What is it?  A $600 check to the team that gets the most points on the day.

How does it work?  Each pre-registered rider will receive points based on their placing.  The team with the most points for the day wins.

There can't possibly be any details can there?  In fact they are.  Here are the important ones:

  •  total team points are based on pre-registered riders in the same sub-category.  For example riders registered in the 1-2-3 race collect points for their team in that race only.  So a team that fields 5 Cat 4 riders and 5 Cat 1-2-3 riders will end up with two team: their Cat 4 team and their 1-2-3 team.  Sub Categories are the ones you can register for online.  
  • Only pre-registered riders are eligible for team award points.  Why?  Because that's part of why we are doing this that's why.  Also it standardizes your team names and makes point calculations doable.

  • I registered as KR and my teammate as Killer Rohrbots.  We didn't get team points together can you fix that?  No.  Assume that a volunteer who doesn't know that HB and Hagens are the same team is calculating results; we will not fix it.  That said, the pre-registration system should prefill team names
  • When will results be posted?  We will post them 20 minutes after the last race results are finalized.  We will then post here and give everyone 24 hours to bitch and moan before I mail a check to the winners.
  • What are the points?  They go from 1st through 20th on a sliding scale then 5 pts for every finisher after that.
1.. 100 
2.. 90
3.. 80
4.. 75 
5.. 65 
6.. 60 
7.. 55
8.. 50 
9.. 45 
10.. 40 
11.. 35 
12.. 30 
13.. 25 
14.. 20 
15.. 19 
16.. 18 
17.. 17 
18.. 16 
19.. 15 
20.. 14
21.. 13
20.. 12
19.. 11
18.. 10
19.. 9
20.. 8
21-60 5pts

I am sure more details to follow.

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