Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still Snarky After All These Years

Taunt my baby gut all you want silly NW Riders.  PruDog is on the comeback trail and now he has two legs showing up to the office instead of the 1.5 he's had for the last few years.  Sure, they have to push around a lot a little more weight than before.  But that's coming down fast!  Trying to stress me out so that I'll eat more isn't going to work Kiddo's!

And now that I am back that means we get the best of PR List p/b Frank Schleck's (soon to b e released) retroactive TUE - 

  1. Best Team-mates of the Night: This award goes to BikeSale.  We only had like 8 guys last night so BikeSale was kind enough to go to the front and drill back any dangerous break they had riders in.  Thanks guys!  It really tool the pressure off ourselves and Apex so we could practice our leadouts undisturbed.  
  2. Most Warn-out Excuse Award: The tried and true "I just wanted to get work in" line when called out for chasing down a team-mate.  Hey Now!  That one never gets old does it?  I mean, it is totally reasonable.  Sit in, wait for you team-mate to actually do some work by attacking and *then* decide it's time to get that effort in.  Outstanding job boys.
  3. Best Subtle "I'm an National Champion" call-out:  Jr Mahan for his National Championship socks.  It was also intructive since I was unaware he was the French Jr Nats Champ.  Learn something new every day.  Next PR I am pulling out that garish refined helmet/glove/sock/escalade combo I have.
  4. Best Thanks for Nothing:  To KR for taking so long to go back to get Erik Scheller who was bridging back on after the break he was in got caught on the prime.  By the time we got there he was back on! Thank me later Erik.

And on final note: Ronde Ohop!!!! It's on like Megatron.  And, as many of you have now heard a bazillionty times, it may well be the only sunny and dry Road Race you do all year.  So go register.  You'll thank me later.  

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