Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flynn just wants to be loved

It's no secret that your Masters Killer Rohrbots have been all sorts of a mess this year.  Hainsworth's hip is jacked up (should I mention that I kicked it repeatedly when he crashed into me at Boat last year?  Yah, probably not...), El Diablo Blanco broke his collar bone (I suggested just removing it but no one listens to me), Ryan "BurgerMaster!" Perlman cracked a knee trying to show off his mad cross skills at Enumclaw and your very own PruDog not only cracked his lumbar but had cervical disk disease as well (go to one stupid strip club and this is what I get.. what, it's not an STD???  Never mind then...).

Any who.. PruDog is tired of this treachery.  We are the Killer Rohrbots and we win because.. well because we talk all sorts of trash and stuff and are awesome and the chicks dig us and Randy drinks 6 kegs of Rainier before breakfast and such.

Also, this guys just turned 40 and we can't let him win any more than he does can we????

More to the point no one seems to want this guy to win because, well because he's Levin and he's spent years sitting on everyones wheels and then sprinting for the win or chasing his own team mates down.  (ed. - why you got to be such a hater? me - hey, you want to race that way then man up when you're called out)

Anyhoo the game plan was for me to dillegently protect the back and try to attack the field off my front wheel.  Elbows out!  Mission accomplished.

But more to the point Dux Deluxe brought the pain train to town and piloted Jim "chatterbox" Flynn to the line for the win.  

This is what a KR race looks like, btw. 

Significantly better than the spanking we got last year.

Also too, we're back.



At Tuesday, July 17, 2012 9:24:00 AM, Blogger Fatboy said...

There is much more chatter and whining to come ...


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