Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Editorial - Doping in Cycling by Nick Conklin, Dirty Cop

My name is f&^%ing Nick Conklin and I am here to give you the straight ^%$# on doping in cycling. Listen, it's not hard. Racing your bike is a lot of work and any edge counts. They are all looking for that extra push to get over the hump. It's not like you've ever had a better idea on how to make a name for yourself. I mean, if ONE of you anti-dope guys had an original idea, you'd be so tight that you couldn't even pull it out of your ass! If your gonna pull it, you'd better use it. And you guys who don't know what to think... sometimes you gotta choose aside. Sometimes you gotta go for it. I mean come on. We got kids to put through school and you gotta do certaint things. Like these other cops I used to work with in the department took some money from some drug dealers. No big deal. You might say the stole the money. I say they liberated it. It's a grey area man. Sometimes you gotta liberate a bike race and get your hands dirty to do it. Now maybe you don't have what it takes to evade Internal Affairs.. I mean WADA your whole career. But like I aways say, "Sometimes you should forget your head and grab your balls".


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