Wednesday, March 06, 2013

KR is gonna smack some dirt

I'd write up our 2013 Mason Lake adventure but, frankly, it wasn't that funny.  Here's Phillips race report to prove it.  The good part is that I finished my first road race since completing rehab on my back.  Despite my seat post trying to take me out by coming loose in the last 2 laps.  Well suck it seat post.  I am better than you.  The better part is that I cleanly set Randy up to make the winning break and got to sit in for the next 4.8 laps.

Instead, I will simply let you know that KR Olds are also KR Hards and are off next weekend to rage the Gran Fondo Ephrata.  Good times and much suffering to be had by all.

I look forward to a much funnier race report from Sean next week.


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