Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Study In Pain

What's more exciting than a road race report?  A Time Trial race report!  Because they are always different. ALWAYS.

Ice Breaker Time Trial:

9:30 God I love Erik Olsen -- finally an organizer who isn't making me sign in at 4am in the morning for a 10:12 start time (I'm looking at you Neal).  Had time to hug my kids, take a shower and even warm up.  And this new TT bike which I picked up last night looks great.  Maybe I should have made sure the saddle height is dialed since it's an integrated seat-post -- nah.  Nothing could go wrong.

9:31 Uh oh.

9:45 Hey Matti, can I borrow your saddle?  The saddle height is kind high and since I can't cut down the seat post (integrated!) I need a saddle with lower rail height -- really?  ah thanks man!  You're the greatest!

9:47 Custom diameter rails????? Are you *&^king kidding me?  Settle down settle down.  You can figure this out.

10:00 OK -- as long as the refs don't disqualify me if I point the saddle tip down I can effectively drop the saddle height.  This will work!

10:12 Ok!  I am going to kill this.  Laugh it up Phillips.  Let's see how funny I am when I lap you.  On an out and back course.  Yah, that's gonna happen and it's gonna happen hard my friend.

10:14 I am crushing this!  I've never felt so fast and rolling the big ring and my 11!  Feels so easy!

10:16 How is Phillips passing me???? I'm maxed out on my gearing?

10:34 ZiQuan just passed me!  Isn't he my 10 minute man????

11:00 This bike came with a compact crankset?  I hate myself right now.

Lesson: set your bike up before the race.


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