Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Ronde Ohop Results - all official like

While I am aware there is some controversy among the 1/2/3 field on the results after the podium you can find the official results here.

Brief notes about results:  The officials are responsible for these.  Your complaints, objections and vitriol should be aimed at them.  I should only receive your love and admiration.  I am a delicate flower and easily wilt under the shining light of your righteousness!  Seriously though, I stay out of results other than being sympathetic to your plight (and to the difficulty of getting them right).  That said, I do track challenges and try to enable the officials to get it right(er).  So I will do my best to help them improve next year.  Also, results are official after the protest period so if you leave before posted you essentially agree to them.  I know this can be frustrating but I have been on the other side where official results were posted and I had placed on the podium of a Cat 1/2 Stage Race only to have the promoter / officials revise the results due to a local riders protest *2 days* after the event finished.  I've also been on the "winning" end were I was given a top 10 placing at a major race when I was a lap down and the officials wouldn't change it even though I contacted them days later asking to be given a corrected (lower) placing.  Even if the all the riders involved agree to change the results it's a can of worms most officials won't get into.

Finally: Beer.

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