Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ronde Ohop - Things to do in Eatonville when you're (not) dead

In Lee's QA she noted how beautiful the Ohop-Mashel area is and after the Petite Fondo Martha commented how cool it was that many of the riders hung out and did local stuff afterwards. And it's true! There is a lot of stuff to do there and it is really really nice. So, here's a quick list of some stuff I recommend:

So you just raced and now you want to eat? In Eatonville there are a couple good options:

Jelbino's, an Italian restaurant, and Bruno's, more of a family pub style joint. Both provided generous support to the Keller Rohrback Road Race and to Ronde Ohop. I don't recommend Subway -- they are not supportive of our racing and despite dropping quite a bit of money their last year pretty much told us to screw off this year.

Pioneer Farm is 2 miles from the race and is family fun. Northwest Trek is about 10 minutes away. And Paradise is about 40 by car.

Bike Shops:
Eatonville Outdoor has been a huge advocate of the races and promoting us in the community. Even if it's just a tire, go buy something from Len and show our support.

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