Monday, August 15, 2011

Ronde Ohop QA - Ross Gilbert

Ross Gilbert holds the distinction as the only person I've seen who actually looks good going up the Mur. Predictably, he points to it as the key to the race. For the record he owned me there last year like a cat owns a mouse.

PruDog: What do you remember most about your first Ronde Ohop?

Ross Gilbert: The most friendly atmosphere I have found at and during a road race.

P: You are the only person that's ever looked good going up the Mur de Mashel. Any tips?

RG:No tips...I need all the advantages I can get. Well, okay: For me the Mur is what this race is all about. Keep your weight back for traction. Go up it at your own pace - you have the rest of the lap to recover!

P: Why would you recommend the Ronde to someone who asks you if they should do it?
RG:Is totally different to any race I have done. It has something for everyone and there is never a dull moment.

The Ronde Ohop
The 2011 Herriott Sports Performance Ronde Ohop power by ByrneInvent is August 21, 2011 and is the final round of the 2011 Washington Cup.

The race covers a 6 mile paved circuit 2-4 times (depending on the category) before finishing with 10 laps of the Mashel-Nisqually Loop. The loop features 1 mile for paved road and 1.25 miles hard pack dirt.

Road or Cyclocross bikes can be used but 25-28c road or file tread tires are recommended (neutral wheel support is provided by FSA).

For more info visit the Ronde Ohop Website at

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