Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ronde Ohop - Three Pro Tips

Riding a Roubaix or Kermesse race is both exciting and intimidating to riders. These races are different, but it's also important not to overthink them. As Nick Legan recently said in his VeloNews column:

The beauty of dirt road riding is in the doing of it. Not in the researching of it. The adventure is sometimes in not necessarily having the perfect tool for the job. Enjoy

With that in mind, here are three basic tips that will make your Ronde Ohop manageable:

Equipment: Don't worry about whether you need a cross bike, road bike, double tape or any of that stuff. Just make sure your bike is in good working order, you are using file-tread or road tread tires and running 25c tires.

Technique: This isn't mud or ruts. We're not running up and down cut backs. The turns are easy and the road straight. The two things you want to do is let the bike float and not try to overstear and push a big gear to minimize the impact of vibration on your rythm.

Tactics: You'll be riding hard once you enter the Sector de Suffering until the race is over. You'll have to tackle the short (50 meters) but challenging Mur de Mashel 10 times. Don't over do it. Save your energy when possible, use road section to recover and try to stay with a group. It was epic when David Richter won the elite field with a 26 mile solo move last year but for the rest of us riding that's a but much.

In other words, just be cool and your race will work itself out.

About the 2011 HSP Ronde Ohop p/b ByrneInvent
The 2011 Herriott Sports Performance Ronde Ohop power by ByrneInvent is August 21, 2011 and is the final round of the 2011 Washington Cup.

The race covers a 6 mile paved circuit 2-4 times (depending on the category) before finishing with 10 laps of the Mashel-Nisqually Loop. The loop features 1 mile for paved road and 1.25 miles hard pack dirt.

Road or Cyclocross bikes can be used but 25-28c road or file tread tires are recommended (neutral wheel support is provided by FSA).

For more info visit the Ronde Ohop Website at

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