Monday, August 15, 2011

Ronde Ohop - QA with Randy Salamon

Fresh off his incredible support of Mike Hainsworth at the Gig Harbor Circuit race Randy Salamon gives us the Ronde Ohop 411.

2006 or 2007 I think was the first time I rode the Ohop. It was the first year of the race. I remember it like this "Damn, for a short course this is hard and people are killing themselves, wait, we're not even on the dirt yet. Oh crap this is gonna hurt.......". It wasn't raining but it there was a deluge the night before. The dirt (read MUD) section was slicker than snot on a doorknob and the Mur was murder to get up because your wheels simply stuck into the mud . There was a little trail of water that ran down the length of it and everyone was trying to hold that line. I was talking with Wanda Howlett before the race and she told me to have wheels in the middle of the pave until the end. I didn't listen and flatted out on the last lap about 20 meters from the road section.

Roadies should do it to prove they are not the wussies 'crossers think they are. Road season is coming to an end and you need to go out with a bang. Figurative not literal.

Dirt good, embrace the 2-wheel drift.......

Ride soft. Let the bike float over the pave'. Sit back, hands on the tops arms loose, KEEP PEDALING!!!!, and keep your freaking head up! You have to pay attention because or your race will go sideways real quick. Other than that, I would say 25-28c tires with 80-90psi, eat your wheaties and be ready for some fun.

Ohop is one of those races that you do simply because it is fun.

About the Ronde Ohop
The 2011 Herriott Sports Performance Ronde Ohop power by ByrneInvent is August 21, 2011 and is the final round of the 2011 Washington Cup.

The Ronde Ohop is a Belgian style Kermesse race that covers a 6 mile paved circuit 2-4 times (depending on the category) before finishing with 10 laps of the Mashel-Nisqually Loop. The loop features 1 mile for paved road and 1.25 miles hard pack dirt.

Road or Cyclocross bikes can be used but 25-28c road or file tread tires are recommended (neutral wheel support is provided by FSA).

For more info visit the Ronde Ohop Website at

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