Monday, August 01, 2011

I don't think sketchy means what you think it means

As a side note and not meant as a call out to any individual perse. I mean, you all suck so just assume this is aimed at you personally and everyone on your team.

I've noticed a tendency of the 50+ crowd to complain about how sketchy the under 50 crowd is in Masters races. I think the comment usually takes the form of "the 50+ race is so much safer because guys ride better lines" or some such.

Yah, so that's not true. In general, the older the field the worse the bike handling skills are. The difference is that the older the rider, the more consistent they are in how they suck. For example, I see more insane drop kicks from the 50+ riders than .. well.. I don't see it in any other field. That said the riders that drop kick do it every time in exactly the same way so if you ride that field you get used to it. What happens when the 50+ set mixes with the youngsters isn't that we are sketchy it's the we don't get out of the way either because we don't know your gonna drop kick or because we are less forgiving.

Another example is dive bombing corners. I saw a lot of older dudes flying into corner 2 and 3 at Tacoma only to get put into the curb. Listen, that's a bad line and if you dive bomb a corner it's not the guy with the correct lines and strong position responsibility to get out of your way. I think in the 50+ though guys move. Again though, that's not cause we're sketchy. It's cause guys are less likely to move.

That said, crashing yourself out on the crease at Boat Street is something we younger guys are very very good at.


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