Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Race Directing is easy when your crew rocks

I am out from under my race promotion rock. That's right, the 2011 Keller Rohrback Road Race at Eatonville is in the books. Our crew (the team plus PruFam, Neal, Kirsten from Recycled and the FSA Team) rocked out and ruled. You haven't lived until you've heard my Uncle Steve doing his wall-to-wall TDF-style commentary over the race radio. Seriosuly, awesome.

I do want to address a controversy that has arisen. Does PruDog pre-ride his courses? Listen, I drive these courses in my car and I had no problem on the Ext Road-161 climb. I was able to it 60 coming into town and I even came to a full stop at the merge. So when I say punchy it's punchy. I can't be responsible for you guys only being able to maintain 350-450 watts. Seriously, do I need to make training plans for you too?

So yes, that climb didn't play out as punchy. It was FREAKIN HARD. Note taken.


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