Friday, July 08, 2011

Time to show us who is boss

Robert Trombley has confidently predicted that either FareStart or The Garage will take our Swagger tomorrow at Redmond Derby and show us a clean set of wheels. Over the top trash talk blogging aside, I would rather lose a hard, fast race than dominate a docile field. That's always a risk when a team starts rolling off wins like we have -- other teams get down. Nicos had a great Matava getting 2nd behind Jim. But sometimes a 2nd place feels like a bad result if you got beat by the same team over and over again.

It's not! It's a great result. And we've been rolling but we're not unbeatable. And if you need motivation what the hell is up with that obnoxious "on a bike" post? Are you gonna let us get away with that? No Way! You're gonna bring it hard and fast just like we are and it's gonna be another smash mouth show down.


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