Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Blog Roundup

Once again, it's time for me to read everyone's blog so you don't have to.

Stangeland: Ha! I reeled you in with semi-regular posts only to let my blog go dead for another 6 months. Fools!
Old As Dirt: You are all a bunch of poachers. Ha!
Rob: I poached your race and I'll do it again.
Cooler than Dirt: I really try, but I am just too nice to start a flame war. What??? Someone is screwing with Tandem records at RAAM? I'll kill them! Argkcjjadsfghaklgj.
Argentenplusfiveandahalf: I am sad. (ed-don't feel bad; jan fans were there once too)
Craigster: Conville scares me. (ed- quit ducking me man)
Sideshow: Hey, why don't you accuse me of poaching? I am fast you know. Todd and Cree said so. (ed- 3am at Kem's house... I am ready for you!)
2xC: I am tired. (ed-No, don't sleep! Craig needs a whoopin')
KMan- (ed- frankly, his content is better than mine; go read it an forget this blog exists).

And finally, a reminder of who your true lord and master is.

Tubbs contemplates life and how he will destroy PruDog


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