Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Race Break

Well, part 1 of the season is in the books for me. It began with the bizarre RV trip to Valley of the Sun and ended with a DNF in the Malaga Road Race stage of the State Omnium.

Unlike Kenny, I can't handle 130 races in 3 months so I am taking a break from racing. I had hoped for a couple weeks, but looking at the work schedule it may be closer to 6 weeks. That's right, P-Dog may be stuck doing PR and Seward until July. The next race I might be able to do is Tour de Nez. That ought to be fun, first race back and 1 road, 1 TT and 2 pro/1 crits. Su-weeeet.

So far let's see...

The Good:
Being able to give away a stage of Wenatchee (ok, it was Master A but I've never been in that position before.. it's a good thing you won Michael!)
Making the winning break at Elma
Setting up Erik at Sequim and then making the 2nd group.
Setting Mark up for 2nd at Master Road
Learning to sprint
Washington Cup.. ok that was as an organizer

The Bad:
No Podiums (a couple 4ths though)
Wheel/Tire problems
Getting sick right before Rainier Roubaix

The Ugly:
Walla Walla road stage. Must find legs; I think they are still out in a field somehwere
Ronde Ohop: exploding into oblivion at my own race
Losing my temper in the Master A crit.. even if the recipient deserved it.

So from now on rather than cycling you, my dear reader, will get to read about how frustrating I find large corporations and the joys of running a small business!


At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 2:59:00 PM, Blogger Old as dirt said...

Mike, we'll miss you, although I didn't race much with you. You should be happy with how you are riding.Good to see you riding well.
I am going to my masters phase of the season now, for the Oregon Stage Races...first Enumclaw!!


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