Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Blog or Go Home

I post one blog...... and now I feel so pressured.   Really the OBRA guys let you all down by not being completely stupid.  I can usually get a good 3 posts out of one PR (nee SIR) just off of OTB or BikeSale (oh snap!)

Just kiddin'!

The good news is that PR starts this month.  So maybe it's as good a time as ever to raise the bar and call out the 1/2 field.  Hey 1/2 field!  Guess what?  We're coming for you.  We don't care if we win. All we care about is catching you.  And lapping you.  Yes, this will happen.  Get your excuses ready for why a bunch of old guys completely pwned you (is that still a cool word?)

It's coming.


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