Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tomorrow is ASK. You will be sore.

Tomorrow is the big day. ASK or bust, baby! The weather looks great and the big news is that the race is sold out.

Now, if you did not pre-reg but wanted to do this insane awesome race, good news. We're running a spill-over second wave at 11:30ish (start depends on the end of the first race). Length will depend on turn-out so if you want to do it let me know ASAP (in comments is ok but put your name) and make sure you're registered by 11am.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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At Saturday, February 04, 2012 12:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is there a second wave at 11:30? I'd be interested but don't want to drive all the way down there if it's not for sure.

At Monday, February 06, 2012 8:02:00 AM, Blogger P-Dog said...

Yes there was!


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