Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greatest Internets of All Time

Because the internet is awesome:

1. It's about intimidation. It's MIND GAMES.

2. Star Trek Cribs. I love the left over roast beef.

3. For Jamie. I love you man.

4. For everyone who has ever had to read a bunch of 12 year old who invaded an otherwise nice little board. Or the WSBA Listserv.

5. I hate Hobbits

6. You can take the boy out of the Geek, but you can never take the Geek out of the boy.

7. PruDog. How do you act so well? Sir Ian explains it to you.

8. Rule #1: PruDog is always right. Rule#2 if you think PruDog is wrong you're made of stupid.

9. Because your bases do, in fact, belong to me.

10. All I Do Is Win because, well, he wins! I just am not sure what exactly he won. Seems a lot like my grade school athletic day were we all got medals. But I won!!!

11. Who knew Michael Bolton was a moviephile?


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