Friday, May 13, 2011

PruDog Blog PR Point : Counterpoint

Point: KR is gonna smack SCCA/SBUX up

That's it. Sean Phillip's and SCCA / SBUX think they can make snarky comments on my blog and get away with it? Oh, no, my friend, that's not gonna fly with me or Keller Rohrback. Those m^&%$##%^&r's are going down, man. Down! Running their mouths off like a little b&^%$es. The f*&^ do they think they are, anyway? SCCA / SBUX need to get their smug little asses owned in the sprint right now, and I don't give a s&*^ which course.. the flats, the hill or in the parking lot in front of his whole f(*&*&g Masters field. Give us 50 minutes, man. We'll teach them to mess with Keller Rohrback.

Enough talk. SCCA/SBUX better watch out, because we're coming, and it's not going to be pretty

Counter-point: Apparently Sean Phillips is stronger than I realized

Well, it appears as though I was somewhat presumptuous about Sean Phillip's winning abilities. Sean, as it turns out, is actually quite an adept last minute attacker, in fact, that while he was snapping my legs with various left and right strokes on the pedals, and pain began to fill my mouth and gush from my nose, I thought to myself, "Sean knows exactly what he's doing here in terms of cycling, whereas I clearly haven't thought this thing through."

I guess my first mistake was attacking a team that, in the interests of full disclosure, is much stronger than I initially gave credit for. I wouldn't be surprised if they all ride 3-4 hours five or six times a week and are enrolled in some sort of cross fit class too. This would certainly explain why he seemed to expend very little energy riding by me, and why he effortlessly put me in hurt locker that caused my morale to make a popping sound that, until that moment, I didn't know it could make.

So, in sum, Sean, you are very good at winning. So good in fact that I was not even close to achieving my initial goal of teaching you a lesson when it comes to messing with Keller Rohrback. If anything, I learned never to mess with Sean, which is a lesson I will not soon forget.

(Shamelessly stolen from the Onion)


At Friday, May 13, 2011 7:52:00 PM, Anonymous robV said...

prucat, if you want to track sean, his log clearly shows he's riding more than you!


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