Monday, May 02, 2011

Long days and light blogging

Not sure why Longbranch turned into an all day event (well, maybe it was cause we went to O'Callahans and watched Brian get pwnd by the waitress) but it did. When I got home Mrs. PruDog had this stressed out stare and I quickly realized PruPuppy 2.0 was wound like a top and slowly driving mom insane. So better things to do that entertain you guys.

Short summary of the weekend though -- we hoped for better at Longbranch but in the end got 10th with Velez. The reality is this course doesn't suit us well so that was an objectively good result. The race played out more or less as we expected and was even won by my pre-race favorite Michael Emde. Subjectively though, it's hard to accept that we had limited options and those were all low percentage. Next time you ask why we aren't at a hilly race.. well that's why!

Also kudo's to OTB. I am fully aware of the love/hate target I have on my back but (as I've said) I actually like most of the guys and I wouldn't even bother handing out hard candy if I didn't think a few of their riders weren't better than their results. You guys put on a great race, as always, and I love that course even if it doesn't love me back.


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