Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conservahumor is teh Suck

I don't know if it's always been true, but the entirety of conservative humor has sucked my whole life. I am sure there are many competing theories as to why but mine is simple: most good humor is grounded in truth. This is especially true for political humor. I always like South Park because, behind all the offensive jokes, the show mocked real behavior and attitudes.

Case in point: The Endive. I get that it's supposed to be a conservative version of the Onion. But, unlike the Onion, it's just not funny. When I first read the Endive my reaction wasn't "ouch, that's a good one" it was "ouch, this joke is predicated on a complete misunderstanding of the subject".

Take this article about Obama meeting with Ming the Merciless:

“We aren’t at war with Mongo’s people,” said the President, “We’re at war with the greed and selfishness that started this world-wide economic crisis. We’re not so different, Ming and I. Sure, I have a little more hair on my head and a little less on my face; but we both share the common goal of ruling peacefully with the help of an army of mindless robots."

Was the author even awake when they watched moviee in question? Ming's goal isn't to rule peacefully at all. He creates elaborate spectacles and political schemes where he seeks to actively humiliate his subjects for his own amusement. While he does have various mindless minions in his employ the movers and shakers of his cruel regime are colorful whack jobs who take fetishistic pleasure in torture and destruction.

So setting aside whether Obots are mindess drones the truth telling falls apart because the analogy is predicated on not having watched the f*&^ing movie. Now compare that with a good Onion article about Star Trek. It's funny because *that's actually what Star Trek fans are like*!

PS: it also helps to have a consistent criticism. Setting aside the misunderstanding of Flash Gordon the story paints Obama both as a despotic dictator and a weakwilled pansy. That makes no sense.


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