Sunday, January 09, 2011

But I have a wonderful singing voice

I have been inundated with two requests to update the blog. I haven't had much to say since I've been busy working and training. Ok, maybe not so much training. But, once you make the switch to Masters it becomes all about consistency.

Luckily for you Mrs. PDog decided to race Chiller Cross in Bellingham. Adding to your good fortune Mrs. PDog's brother & sister-in-law were kind enough to watch PPuppy 2.0 so I could race too.

You'll be happy to know that I took full advantage of my 2011 racing age and lined up in the Masters 40+ C race. Hey, my cross skillz suck. And to prove it I managed to lead the race and then settle into second before crashing myself not once, but twice. In the same spot. Sweet. And to cap it off, in my mad attempt to crawl back into the top 10 I unleashed a mad sprint into the finish that not only bumped me up a spot but also saw me hurtle pass Mrs. PDog at the line!

She was so happy about my performance that words failed her. Well, that's not really true. She had lots of words like "asshole" and "way to go jackass". But I am sure that's just because she hadn't yet internalized the impact that one spot will have on my morale and season! I mean, when the other riders hear (likely from this very blog) of my awesome form in January they will give up all hope, stop training and just forfiet countless victories to me.

It's like they say "it's not whether you win or lose that matters. It's whether I won or lose". Now excuse me, I need to go see if Mrs. PDog is talking to me again yet.


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