Thursday, November 04, 2010

Double Standards or OIWRLY

To answer a question I was asked privately but am going to answer publically: no, on the surface it does not seem fair that Zirbel gets to race while Kenny doesn't.

So no, it's not Okay If We Really Like You.

Qualification I: I don't know enough about the Tour of Gruene to know if it's really a race or not. There's a grey area between Seward Park and the Rocket Ride and sometimes it's hard to know where an event falls if you're looking in from the outside. Caveat aside, it sure looks like a race, with riders sporting full on aero-gear and they obviously are scoring the thing.

Qualification II: There is a lot of misunderstanding about the ban on racing, even among those who should know better. The rule is not prescriptive in the sense that it describes races you can't do and by omission you can do the rest. Rather, describes what enforcement of the ban looks like. If you are banned they can enforce it at the event listed. And if you violate your ban they can extend the band but only enforce it at the events listed. The only matters if you want to race those events again and as a result want your ban to end.


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