Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're the mother*&^ing Starforce

PruPuppy is letting his hair grow long cause he wants to look like a rock star. I was telling him he looks more like Derek Wildstar but he doesn't know who that is. So I googled a picture and discovered there's a live action movie coming out.

Apparently someone saw Star Trek and thought "wow, what a nice little movie. Let's copy the beats and deliver to the mass market". Or maybe they were just copying it cause Star Trek made a ton of money.

Leather jackets.. not sure that'll work. Very X-Men.

I read someone complaining about the "yellow-fication" of the casting. Umm.. yah the characters were rather non-racial specific (except Dr. Sain) but it's being made in Japan. There really aren't that many good actors there that aren't asian. And Yellow-fication isn't the word I would use. Sounds a tad racist.

Finally.. yah it will suck. But at least stuff will blow up good right?


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