Monday, July 05, 2010

Rhonde Ohop Recon

Prerode the 10.5 mile Rhonde Intro loop Saturday. Different for sure! The road section is going to be pretty fast and much easier to manage than I expected. There are really only four intersections that need to be controlled. For the February version of the race it looks like we can definitely do 4-5 bigs laps (1 mile dirt; 9 miles road) easily.

The Mashel Sector if dirt is.. well.. the Mashel sector! I am not sure how it will pay at speed but felt like it was more cobblestone like and less dirt like than in the past.. a lot fewer potholes to avoid. The Mur Mashel was hard and rough but seemed more even so you don't need to choose a the best line. It's all hard. I road on 700x23 and was good. Definitely racing on 700x25 or 28 though. Looked to me like the road bikes will have the advantage this year.

Broken link to the race flier? Here's one that works until Evan gets it fixed:


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